Huub wetsuit sizing and fit

have just picked up a Huub Aerious 2 second hand. size ST ( Small Tall )

Usual story. going by the sizing chart its ok ( 173cm - 183cm and 59kg - 68kg. I’m 175cm and 66kg )
It’s tight. I’m used to wetsuits, so tight is the norm, but this is very tight. As it doesn’t effect my mobility due to the super thin neoprene on the shoulders, I could probably live with it, but the neck is very very tight. Not just uncomfortable, but cut off blood supply kinda tight.
Has anyone had the same issue?
Do I just sell it on, or can the neck fit be addressed in some way.

I have one an Archimedes II. Mine is very tight around the neck and the groin. But it’s very flexible. I have gotten used to mine. Once I get in the water and start swimming it feels OK, but on land it does not. If I’m on the larger size of my weight it’s a utter git to to get on.

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Weird. I use ST and I’m 177cm and 71kg, so quite a bit bigger. Given you mention the neck, what size shirt collar are you? I’m 15"½.

It may depend on the model. I’ve always been fine in all Archimedes versions, but got sent an Albacore to try and it basically cut off the circulation to my legs! So they are all a bit different, even if they all use the same size guide

Difficult to say until you get in the water

I bought one that was a bargain, but slightly too big for me.

Couldn’t get it past my knees … i have skinny legs… so my chest and back have no chance, it will be on eBay soon.

Shame as it looks nice.

There sizing is awful, but that’s just me

What size did you buy?

14” neck. Weird… I’m gunna try on again today to make sure it’s I’ve got it high enough on the back.

Yeah this took a good 10 minutes to get on. I have an Orca TRN which is a much heaters suit but much easier to put on.

Med short?

I’ll check later, right at the bottom end of size, arms went on no bother, legs were super tight, I just knew it was goi g to rip if I stood up…

Took it off… used plastic bags on hands and slippy stuff too.

Strange sizing

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@funkster beat me to it. Get in the water first. I’ve worn many different wetsuits, and they all vary in their feeling on land vs in the water. Some swell and stretch a ton, some are quite similar.


Give us a shout when you sell it then. Might be worth going all the way up to that size. :joy:

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Yeah appreciate that gents. Just not too happy getting the water and not been able to breath. :joy:
And it’s gunna be a while until open water is warm enough for me…

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I’ll look at the label later…

I’m 171 cms
70 kg … ish

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Yeah, you really need to work to get the hip area up high. Also, remember with your neck, you won’t be looking forwards like when standing, as that would be straight down. Lift you head up a bit, like you’re sighting, and that should give a more representative feel. The “no lip neck” was one of the things I loved about first getting an Archimedes versus my original 2XU wetsuit

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I went by their sizing chart too, it was one size too small, couldn’t zip the flaps up.

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I got an Archimedes 2 in the sale. Went by the size guide. I’ll report back when it arrives.

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