Hydrocolloid Patches - Wow!

I know they’ve cropped up on a couple of threads here and in the old forum (which is how I knew about them) but used one for the first time last week on a bit of road rash on my hip.

Bit of stinging the first night but nothing after that, and it stayed in place all week until this morning when it started to suggest it was ready to peel off.

Was happy to see dry, fresh pink skin underneath and no drama or pain!

I can’t believe how well they work.

Especially since I found this particular dressing in my 20 year old medicine pack that a nurse family friend gave to me for Uni :slight_smile:

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You see… it’s not all cr*p that I spout off :yum:

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You just need to reduce the signal to noise ratio :wink:

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Or noise to signal?


Were you a Tank driver? :sweat_smile: