If you were allowed 3 media subscriptions, what would they be?

Bit of a random thread but I’m wondering how people choose the stuff that gets into their heads.

Say you were only allowed 3 subscriptions, and also you HAD to have 3 subscriptions, what would they be?

Can be any genre eg news, music, film, TV, audio books, anything where the purpose is the acquisition of information.

I don’t watch much film or TV so would not subscribe to anything like Netflix. Currently have Spotify (music) and UpToDate (a work related channel) , so that’s 2, but am thinking about subscribing to something to do with current affairs. Maybe a newspaper like The Times or The New York Times. Maybe the Economist? Dunno. Any ideas?

Anyway, if you could only choose 3 media subscriptions, what would they be?

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Personally or as a family?

Personally, I find Spotify useful, I like Netflix and have Prime for the deliveries mostly. I could probably get by with 3 but I’d probably swap them about over time.

As a family, Mrs FP would use the 3 allocations on maths and music stuff for LO before I could blink. :smile:

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Hmm. I’m thinking, in total. Just as a thought experiment.

Eg I have included Spotify, even though it’s a family subscription

TV licence fee not included, let’s assume you have to pay that and so can get iPlayer & free to view stuff on TV anyway

currently I get most of my news from BBC or the Guardian because it’s free, or the Dorset Echo because it’s free and local. Now I’m no Nigel Farage or Professor Brian Cox, but would prefer something a little more towards the centre of the road than the Guardian and a little less dumbed down than the BBC. Also I’m not The Worzels.


The Economist (probably, even though I have given that up).
Apple News

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Are you excluding Zwift and Strava?

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Are you including the BBC Licence?

Excluding BBC:

3…not bovvered. Advantage of Prime is you can buy additional content, which you can’t on Netflix. Athough we do have Netflix.

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so do you subscribe to YouTube premium or whatever it’s called?

I think I generally prefer reading stuff than watching or listening to stuff mind

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yeah, not stuff like that which is fun / fitness/ hobby

just stuff that lets you find out new things and more about the world. As in, real world rather than Watopia. (Admittedly, learned enough from Zwift never to want to go to Bologna :smiley:)

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I loved Bologna so much I’m going back in March :flushed:

Is help available :joy:

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Spotify for music
Also have Netflix (cheapo with ads) and Disney

I do have Prime but more for deliveries than media.

Any reading tends to be websites found via google

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Sky (you get free netflix inc)
Prime for deliveries but good for extra football
maybe spotify or tnt sports. not sure which (i get TNT through phone contract currently but only for phone watching but it does pair with my TV for a reasonable but certainly not UHD picture)

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Arse, forgot about Virgin, but that’s shared with the GF

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Yes I get YT Premium as part of my mobile bundle. It includes a separate music app, as well as the ad-free video site; so 2-for-1.

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Every winter I enter a phase where I’m tempted to ditch all of it but I’m not sure how well I can function without it. By ‘it’ I mean subscription TV, internet channels and social media. I rarely get newspaper as they all seem toxic one way or another. I deleted Facebook a few years ago and then rejoined for a very small amount of local pages (like dog walking news) and CBA’d to engage with it. I hardly watch TV, it operates more as a lamp than a form of entertainment.

If you’re asking what I want, I don’t really want any of it.


I subscribed to Medium for a while when trying to learn Python, it was OK but the articles were a mixed bag. Some good technical stuff, some not so great. Let it lapse.

Also Duolingo for a year, that was good but after 1 year decided to go with the free version which is basically the same except has some ads


You tube ( got but without adds) free

Netflix ( free off her sister, but won’t work if all her family are watching it… rare to be fair)

Dwarf porn monthly.


I forgot to thank you for letting me know that you can get the Economist digitally via my library registration.

Is the last one pay-to-play or have you scrounged off a family member?

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