IM 70.3 St George live

Live on Facebook right now. Forum favourite George Goodwin has been mentioned as looking good. Pallant and Lawrence up there in the women’s race


How’s it going so far?

Lordy that was a GREAT race! (men’s).

And a clinic (women’s).

Watched most of the run. Happy days!


Ryf then?

Yep. Solo’d 6 minutes up the road on the bike and had a training run. Commentators got excited when a couple of run chasers made ground but when gap got to 3 mins Ryf went from ‘easy training run’ to ‘moderate training run’ and killed the excitement.

Think she was halfway through the MPRO field (in time terms) by the end of the bike.

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:joy: :clap: Brilliant. She really is imperious eh?

I saw she’d moved away from Sutton to be self coached recently as well.

Ah, I thought Pallant had a chance of catching up and wondered if she had another gear.

Just watched on wife’s facebook thingy

Great finish to men’s race

Looks like Ryf has refound her mojo, in a better life place perhaps judging by that recent interview


Must be horrible going toe to toe with Lionel in the last 3-4 miles of a race.

You’re both suffering like dogs, but deep down you know he’s enjoying himself…and can probably stay in that mode for hours…


Now you can see for yourself!

Pretty good race.


Classic, “speed up and run through the last aid station” tactic…really looked like they were spent at the end. Good stuff! :+1::muscle:

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Perfect afternoon viewing


Lionel holding back the tears.

You can see why the yanks love him

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No feet?

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Thought I’d save you this time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wonder what happened to Goodwin. He was right up there in the bike, thought he had a real podium shot with his run.

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Haven’t heard but it looked like a collapse. I think he finished 18th place or something.

He thinks he over fuelled on the bike.
Came into T2 with Sanders and Long and out ahead of them. Stomach was bloated and aching. Could be a carb miscalculation. The first time ever he’s never needed an aid station on the run.
Back in September for the worlds so we’ll see if they’ve peaked 6 months early.