IM 70.3 St Polten

So you don’t keep asking about why people take 7 mins in transitions etc :upside_down_face:

And tbh, in my opinion, I think by not doing at least one big WTC event or Roth, you are missing out.

I have not really analysed the results too much until this evening.

Transitions: really interesting when you look at transition times for top 60 in my age group
Positions 1 - 10, 6:38
Postions 11-20, 7:01
Positions 21-30, 7:24
Positions 31 - 40, 7:25
Positions 41-50, 8:05
Positions 51-60, 8:14

Basically the transitions get uniformly slower as you go down the ranks. I would say that I was at most 20s long on transition (which is the time it took to grab a quick drink in T2 - as the first feed was only just down the road, this was unneccessary). I agree with Poet, if I spent a couple of hours practicing transition, I bet I could take 2 minutes off, 2 hours in the pool would make almost no difference to my swim time

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Well done Matt, but sorry to hear you missed out by 53 seconds. Have you got another 70.3 lined up?

The swim wasn’t terrible but not in the same league as the bike\run, so definitely scope for a minute or two there.

It sounds like a nice event, what was the water temp etc.?


Oh! Don’t do that, I’m just requoting that article

Water was 16 degrees and absolutely fine, no complaints about water temp.

Have I got another lined up? I didn’t have, and I wasn’t going to, but I suspect I may end up in Denmark. Trouble is I will be totally gutted if I do it and don’t qualify. Alternative is to just throw the kitchen sink at Hamburg, and go for a Kona slot… the irony is that I am really going off the idea of Kona.

WEll done Matt, close but overall you need to look at the positives of that race. When i raced there i also had a dreadful swim. I think one issue may be that the HR gets high in the run in the middle, blood starts flowing back to the legs from the upper body and you lose that fluidity from a straight swim. Shame you arent in london as I’d sort that swim out :wink:

Swim what is your stroke rate , not garmin time as thats next to useless, but you should look to get this up around 70SPM. training do very hard sprinting and nice endurance work, Forget Swimsmooth and CSS , very few successful swimmers will train at an arbitrary “threshold”. Think of race pace, think of sprinting, think of steady. Consider doing lots of 25’s off a 5sec turnaround at target race pace, when its easy do 50’s or 100’s etc. When swimming feel what you are doing, adjust and try, don’t think right or wrong just feel and count strokes and check times same strokes and fast, its better, same time less strokes, more efficient, its better. A reasonable swimmer could do 20 seconds off 30 with 17-19 strokes per length. that’s the target to get to before moving on. add 16x25s into every build phase. I have my top 4 junior boys after an 800 SKiPS WU do a build of 16x25 off 30 every session at TRP (15/15s - 17/17s we do with them but they are holding 1:10-1:12’s race day over 400/750 and sprinting 58.5 - 62 seconds / 100 off the blocks). Google USRPT which is one the the studies into short race pace work. Its a catchy title put on something done for years but you know how everything needs a title now :wink:

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Thanks for that. My swim was certainly slower in the second lake, so you may well be correct. My average stroke count was 74 SPM and was consistent throughout

Now lake is warmer, I will be doing more swimming, mixing lake and pool

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I’m <50SPM in the pool or open water :open_mouth:

Don’t you have to double the Garmin SPM number? That would make my average 76 for last OW swim.

That is doubled.
I’m 28SPM in Garmin. That was in the pool for my 1:30s last week.
More strokes just knackered me

Unlucky Matt. That’s an epic bike and run. Your running has been a revelation this year. You’ve now bettered my best 70.3 run and that’s with a bike split IF way above anything I’ve ever put out.

I think Denmark will be competitive being the Euro champs, but with 100 slots it should give a good chance. May roll quite far as well. The two males from my club going (inc me) both already have slots.

Regardless, it’s good you’re focusing on the positives. As I say, that’s a pretty special bike-run combo

My best bike there was 2:32, run was 1:27. But I was in my mid thirties! Last time out there was 2010 the year of the TT gathering when I went 4:39. I think I’d be looking for something similar to Matt these days though, with a faster swim but slightly behind on bike/run.

All about Hamburg for me though this year.

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Still slots…

Haha - i tried to swim a length in our pool at the house on holiday last week and practically drowned. I think my 3 yo was quicker than me! I don’t think i would fare too well at an IM right now!!


The Garmin doesn’t include glides off the wall so you may well be higher than that. I typically take 17 strokes per length in 20seconds for my 25s, which on Garmin would read 26 (51) but I’m up over 60 as I easily get feet to flags off the wall.

I always try to get swimmers up-to 70 bit you look at most elite pool swimmers and triathletes and they are 80+ in many cases. To go faster you get more distance per stroke or throw the arms over faster. There comes a point the former becomes very difficult.

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I just throw myself over and come out on my back, then dolphin back the right way round.

I was thinking about this on my run tonight, pretty sure the Garmin SPM is more like strokes per length!
I take about five, perhaps six, breaths per length every third stroke. So I’m about 18 strokes per 25m, so that’s still about 55 Strokes per minute.
I’m off to watch Lucy Charles :wink:

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“Feet to flags” - Pool swimmer terminology make sure you break out (break surface and start first stoke) only when feet hit the 5m flags.

Posted a new swim thread;


Looks like Challenge have taken this over from next year, would like to do it one year but got plans for next spring.

Can’t see the cost though?