IM Cairns

General observation really, but was this the poorest pro showing for a regional champs in a while?

19 pros in TOTAL, male and female, but 6 Kona slots. With at least one of the ladies already having qualified and the other - Theresa Adam - who already declined her Kona spot when she won it in IM NZ. So 6 slots, 17 people > 1:3 chance of qualifying! haha

Another good win, though not a stellar field from the two Kiwis though!

Currie GUNNED the bike! With those winds, to ride a 4:29 was impressive.
Adam went sub9 as well :smiley:

Also, is it not “winter” down there?
So maybe not as many people turned up?

Yep! I 've got a lot of time for Currie. Started following him last year and i’ve got a lot of time for his no nonsense approach. His blogs make for decent reading, he’s pretty open and honest, but not in a dickish way.

It is winter but Cairns is in NQ, so there isn’t that much difference between summer and winter (cooler, less humid no stingers)

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Winter doesn’t really exist in northern Australia, as it’s in the tropics.

Sarah True on Twitter: “If you were following #IMCAIRNS & wondered where I went, I passed out partway through the run. Very scary, but I’m okay. A big thanks to the medical team for taking care of me.”


Could be a good one for age group Kona hunters, as it’s a regional champs race there was 80 slots I think year, and only 1289 finishers, so that’s a pretty good ratio, especially compared to somewhere like Frankfurt.