IM Copenhagen 2020/21/22/23

Hi all. I’m set on doing a full IM in 2020 and was originally opting for Frankfurt. However, after watching the carnage unfold on Facebook live I’ve decided to go for a race with a cooler climate!

If anybody has any tips on the race, how to get there, accommodation etc I’d much appreciate it.

I am considering paying for Nivana for bike transport but are there better options? I don’t own a bike box…

Paging @stenard

You can read my (extensive) blog post on the subject if you wish! That will give you a lot about the race itself.

Even if you don’t own a bike box, there are generally many places to hire them from. Personally, I would do that. The bike shipping options are seriously expensive for what they are. You could even drive! I flew Thursday night, and the airport is only a 15min train from the central station. So easy.

As for where to stay, I’d stay centrally, between the central train station and the race site. I stayed right by the central train station and it was a 10min walk to registration etc. It’s split transition, but that was not a problem at all. Public transport runs 24/7, and there are fast trains/metros to the swim start area for Saturday racking/race morning, and you can take your bike on the trains (you normally have to pay extra, but for Ironman weekend they waive that). Staying close to the finish, where you pick up your bike and bags after the event is so much easier, than having to wearily transport all your stuff back towards the swim start area after the race.

I did it a couple of years ago, great race and city. Stayed central but worth choosing somewhere near a metro/train station and not a 4th floor apartment which was fun carrying the bike up afterwards. Metro to the start is so easy everyone does it so you can’t go wrong. I rode to T1 to rack bike then got metro back. I have a bike box and as said the station is in the airport so you can get anywhere easily, just be aware that at rush hour they were really busy which was difficult with bike box and suitcases. I might give this one another go next year. A great memory was at a far end turnaround there was a group of spectators playing AHA non stop, impossible not to smile no matter how bad you feel on the 4th lap in the pouring rain.

Thanks for the responses. Bike box seems the way to go. I will check out options to hire one.

Stenard how I do find your race blog?

Click on my profile name and the url is there

I did it in 2015 and can echo the above. Only comment I have is to stay calm first 5k of the bike since it crosses some sketchy roads, and very sharp and narrow turns. Quite a few crashes when I did it in 2015.

And make sure you get a return or day trip ticket when going to rack the bike. The machine at the station at Amager Strand creates massive queues with people trying to figure it out, and there’s no ticket office.

Metro lines run most of the night though, so don’t fret too much about accommodation location as long as you are on a direct line. It’s Denmark, public transport works.

Otherwise, if there’s anything specific you need help with let me know - I’m Danish. :slight_smile:

Oh, and cooler climate? In 2015 we had 35C and clear blue skies on the run - no shade. And swim was 0.2C off being no-wetsuit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, in 2010 42% of the field contracted the squits and puked from poop washing into the swim basin.
That’s because it rained loads and washed it all in there

Trying to register but the website seems to have crashed. Awesome.

Panic over. I’m in. :grinning:


I am also now registered :slight_smile:
This will be my first full distance and I can’t wait!

I’m currently hungover from two nights on a stag do, I guess the start of training can wait until tomorrow…


Nice one @elliott89.

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i’m back in too, 4th year on the trot, lol. re bike transport. use Raceforce, very easy


I used Race Force when I did Copenhagen this year. Absolute first class service. Cannot rate them highly enough. Easy to find when you arrive and when you check your bike out and keep you constantly updated before the event, during and after.

Copenhagen - what a beautiful city. Loved it and the race was superb. Taking a year out of long distance tri next year, but will be back for my final IM distance for Wales in 2021. Then again …

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I’m in too! Looking forward to doing a race that is flat and fast and (hopefully) cooler.

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Starting to look like this will be the 2020 TriTalk overseas Rumble.


guaranteed sub 10 for you Jorgan

… well Sub 10 + 10 seconds :upside_down_face:


Don’t wake the beast within :joy: