IM Cozumel

How short was Cozumel then?

Tyler Butterfield taking the win with a 42 min swim?! :face_with_monocle:

Talk of the swim being current-assisted on ST. Some guy said he cruised a 54 swim and wasn’t close to top-10 AG.

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Friend of mine has it at 3.9k on strava

So a positive rip tide yeah?!

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Apparently rip tides can materialise in any place, at any time; especially when you’re battling the cut-off.

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I was looking for some chat on the course, apart from his swim that run was pretty special too.

Don’t worry if the course was short or a draft fest then Mark Livesey on the Brick Sessions will rant on it :wink::grinning:

I saw some pretty rapid swim times.

Did I also read there was another fatality as well?

Yes, there was - with an accompanying photo of an AWA swim cap receiving CPR on the article.

I did Coz last year and it’s a point to point swim along the coast, usually with the current overall.

It’s swirly though, there were a couple of spots where I was barely making progress, others where the ocean floor was racing past below at a ridiculous rate.

I swam 1:04 non wetsuit, and am usually 1:08 ish with wetsuit. This got me 25th M50-54.

Any gains on the swim were more than lost, mind, when I Johnny Brownlee’d the last 7 miles :wink:

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