IM Lanzarote 2022

I was getting like this with trail running but have hooked up with some local runners that know lots of trails and how to link them up. Been amazing to see what I was missing out on within my own area!

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Yes, I completely relate to this. I’ve lived where I am now for 27 years, so have exactly the same problem. One of the saviours for me has been a gravel bike and bikepacking…. both of which have opened up new areas…. and the other has been VeloViewer tile bagging which forces you to go find places you’d otherwise never consider.

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What is irritating as the older I get the more time I have. My career is stable and in a senior position where I dont have to put in stupid hours. Kids are growing up, last time I trained properly the kids needed entertaining and it was tricky balancing act. Now at the weekend they bugger of out with their friends, come home, go to their bedroom and slam the door. Only appear when they are hungry.

Now have loads of time to train, but cant handle the loads


I am not 50 yet, however, still as motivated as ever. I also seem to recover really fast. I am sure that one day it will catch up with me.

In (defered 2021) :love_you_gesture:


Hi Guys, I deferred to 2022 but a few weeks ago started getting emails about the 2021 event. I then found out on line, that I had a 2021 race number and 4 phone calls and emails later I have not got anything back from them clarifying matters. I note that there were 255 DNS so do you know anyone else in this situation - am I worrying for nothing? Accommodation for 2022 already booked.

PS, I’m 67 - lack of time (years not evenings) seems to increase motivation!!


Me neither, M50-54 has to be my peak chance entering in 2025… :grimacing:

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i quickly checked i still wasn,t on 2021 results sheet as a DNS ,so looking like am deffered to 2022

First couple of years in M50-54 definitely a golden time, then you start noticing how much quicker the young bucks aging up into your AG are….

I’m hoping for another little golden seam when I hit 55-59 next year. But as noted earlier the age related decline for me really started to bite mid 50-54.

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@RalphH when you deferred, did you get an email like this?

I see that Copenhagen next month has had so many deferrals that they’ve reopened entry for 2021……

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How well does Lanza performance translate to Kona then? I had a flick through Coachcox stats which compares races but not athletes across races. M45-49 top 20 at Kona 2019 only one swam under an hour and all of them ran under 3:30. At Lanza it’s about an hour longer.

Yeah a few races reopened/still open, August is a no go for me otherwise I’d assume Barcelona will be postponed and race Frankfurt.

Don’t forget that Kona is non-wetsuit, so most people will swim slower there.

Also, if you’re finishing in the top 20 of your AG at Kona you probably were top 3 at a qualifying race somewhere.


Yeah it’s the other way around I’m trying to figure - if you were top 3 at lanza where are you likely to place at Kona…

Back in the day, the closest you could get to Kona conditions was meant to be the old IM Korea on Jeju Island. Hot, windy and humid AF.


No. Can’t find anything like that :frowning:

Just checked me emails and something very similar arrived this afternoon.
Thanks for your help. Maybe see you next year.

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Will be entering this next year, done it 3 times now and like most died on the run.

Are they changing the bike route again or keeping as it is?

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Don’t think there has been any mention. Hopefully they keep this year’s as it was an improvement over the last one.