IM Lanzarote 2022

2021 is over now. Who is in next year!

I have reserved my hotel already as it cost nothing. Time to start training properly


I might make a return visit. Never done the same event twice, but may make an exception for Lanza


It’s a definite maybe for me. My 50th birthday is the day after the race, so it would be the last thing that I did in my 40s!

I just need to decide whether I have the motivation to commit to train for another IM. I’ve done 10 so far and I’m happy with the swim and bike but the long runs were a bit of a slog for the last 2 IMs I did and not particularly enjoyable. I love the race and everything building up to it in race week, but I’d happily stop after the bike and take half a medal :rofl:


It’s on my ‘potential’ list for 2022, still mulling things over.

Guessing if IM Wales is deferred to 2022 (so I can’t enter that) then Lanza gets more likely.

My one and only Lanza was 2014.


Flights and accommodation already booked. I’ve finished it twice, and it finished me twice! I love the Lanza event, and need something to get me motivated again.


Same scoreline for me v Lanza, going back to try and go 3-2 up in 2022


I’m 6-0 up at the moment, but after a 10:53 finish in 2008 from a near-perfect race, my times have got slower every year since :rofl:


I love your keenness :laughing:

While I was jealous tracking Matt, I watched some amateur crappy footage of the race today on YouTube and looking at the run course brought it all back.

I need some breakthrough performances, okay Ive had one so far, before I go back. And I can’t go there with the same level of insulation Ive been carrying around for eight years since starting triathlon. It’s just no good with hills at 30°C+.

Otherwise I’d happily show up every year :slight_smile: Maybe I should buy a retirement home out there!


Strong potential from me.

Just need to time a convo with my wife carefully. She’s made it perfectly clear that she’s not bothered about visiting the place. Half term is the week later too.

Solo visit - would be great if plenty of TTers were there too.

@Whisk - Come on, what a great way to see yourself into your 50s

You know that’s a cracking idea. We could make it a tritalk retirement home .

I’m picturing something a bit like Father Ted except with pina coladas.

When we get too old and decrepit to post meaningful stuff here- and let’s be honest, who hasnt walked close to that line- the mods can send a ticket to Arricefe.

Once per year they can wheel us out to the side of the road in Puerto del Carmen to cheer and drool a little.


What is the date? My 50th is May the 11th so 2 weeks before the IM


It wouldn’t be nursing home, more like a geriatric training camp. As long as someone can gently point my bike in the right direction I be there riding round the island


Looking at the website, I can’t see an actual date for the 2022 race?

I too have a 50th next year, a few months after this event though (if it does as would be expected revert back to May).


I’d be 57 for Lanza next year. All you folks that think 50 is a struggle have a fucking shock coming. :joy:


I think 21 May is the date if it returns to the usual time slot.

Lol @FatPom 50, 51 and 52 I was still going really well. Think a wheel has come off every year since.

Used to look at M55 and think I’d need to build an extension to house all the AG trophies I’d be hoovering up. Now that it’s imminent I’ve realised I’ll be just as decrepit and it will be just as tough as any other AG….


I seem to be ahead of the curve :angry:


Yep, it gets hard for sure. It gets to the point where you realise everyone had the same idea. :laughing:

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I’ve only recently realised how dramatic my max heart rate decline has been in the few years since my 50th…. and the biggest change for me has been, what took a few hours to recover from now takes days…. which has an impact on your training programme whether you like it or not.

I still suspect though, that a big part of success in older age groups is maintaining the enthusiasm to train, rather than being able to!


for me it’s trying to find new routes to go on both running and biking. Having lived in the same area for the 14 years since I started this malarkey there’s not many roads left to try out. Not keen on driving somewhere to be able to find new routes either, maybe it’s time to take up golf…

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