IM looking to copy Norseman etc?

You can only get there by air or sea apparently. ‘Our activity partners will offer exciting trips, such as bear watching’

Definitely striking out in the adventure race type direction here.


They tried Alaska before didn’t they. or was that Xtreme?

because what the world really needs right now is people using scarce, environmentally damaging resources in order to travel to out of the way, delicate natural locations, and throw a shit ton of gel wrappers at it.


I the think these considerations will take a back seat as the world tries to recoup some economy (which doesn’t make it right)

TBH, you could probably level the same criticism of Leadville 100 and a host of other races around the world.


It was Xtreme, called AKXTRI. Run by the same organisation that do celtman, I think.

I got into it a couple of years ago! I entered on a whim and then it turned out there was no ballot.

I hadn’t figured out the logistics of it, nor the training, so it wasn’t to be. Looks like they’ve stopped running it for lack of interest. And it was a lot easier to get to than Juneau; it was a couple of hours drive from Anchorage.

But the IM branding will bring a lot of folks.

(Edited to add: Juneau is just a flight from Seattle, so no worse to get to that Anchorage)


It’s an interesting move though. Their traditional model is a 2,400 athlete behemoth in a place with easy access, ideally a destination resort in its off season. A package holiday with a race.

This will be a niche event, surely <1000. Not least because Americans are not big on the cold swim/tough course/iffy weather combo. I wonder if they’ve jacked the price up. But definitely it’s as if they have seen Norseman etc get a foothold and spot a chance to muscle in.

Also doesn’t look that hard a course, so definitely aiming for the destination race, rather than the Norseman style, holy shit that’s hard, kind of course.

That’s more like it




Better be quick to take advantage of that massive $25 discount :rofl:

That must be $1000 with the Active fee added :open_mouth:


I think practically all the entrants here are going to be from north America; maybe the odd wealthy Euro or Japanese Type A.