IM Swansea 70.3

Anyone on here doing this on Sun?

Me and Mrs FB are on TO duty at the Paratri on Saturday but not at the 70.3. Enjoy!


Did you do it TC? How did the denim hold up in that rain? First half of the bike was comfortably the worst conditions I’ve raced in, but overall think I preferred the new bike course and had a pretty solid day considering the very sub-optimal build up I’d had.


nope, I was too fecked from Odyssey IM sadly. but doesn’t sound like I missed much oops :umbrella: :umbrella:

Did it fair up OK for the run?
Was the sw1m choppy or owt?

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Yeah, it dried up nicely for the second half of the bike and the run, stayed windy but if anything that probably helped me by keeping the temperatures down.

Swim was really good, little bit of chop at the top end but not really anything noticeable. The rolling start was better organised than last year so less congested and I had one of my best ever swims off virtually no swim training, so no complaints here!


TC, what did you think of the Odyssey?

I enjoyed it, apart from tbe fricking wind!

It was great apart from some V50 tw@ who came 3rd and handed me my ar$€ on a plate. good work bud!
Oddly, the wind was the same for everybody :stuck_out_tongue:
It could have been worse cf the forecast. I used a narrow section front wheel given the forecast (40-47 at one point) , 90 on the back, but never felt I was going to get blown off, it was fine. The bloke with the disc seemed to thrive! It was just ‘windy’, not that bad tbh if you were aero. Pity anyone without tribars tho, there was at least one, tbfair, he was only doing his 2nd tri, and was really strong.

It was really well organised, espesh for their first one, I was well impressed. And excellent value. The roads didn’t need to be closed, they were empty! Its nice round there in Beds.

altho, I’ve had a dose of ‘Thames Tummy’ since Mon am, the perils of a river sw1m. (some must have got blown into my gob on the return?)

How did you find the current? I was advised there was going to be a bit on the way back, but that combined with the headwind picking up also in the at direction meant on my last lap, I was 20 mins heading out to the turn buoy, and 30! coming back. Everyone else said the same, the last buoy was a struggle to get to! Not quite as bad as the infamous first buoy on lap2 at Tenby, but you get the idea.