IM WC ('2021') May 2022 St George Utah

We’ve had some great trips on the back of races. Get to the location two days before event and book a week or so afterwards. Alternatively use the race long weekend to see if we like the place and return for a trip afterwards.

I’ll never KQ but given the opportunity would take the loyalty route in, only for Kona though, it’s where I first found out about tri thanks to Transworld Sport on Ch4 back in the very old days. Be a few years for that though thanks firstly to covid, we also have to take into account my ability to finish races in consecutive years of course!


we were there 13 odd years ago or whatever, but no chance could the town take more people in my opinion, it didn’t really have the infrastructure for the numbers there then, let alone doubling. I guess you could bring people in from other places easier, (putting on coaches etc.), but even then the nearby towns are not really touristy and don’t really have much to offer outside of the race - and the roads of course have the race on it which make getting around more complicated on race days.