IM70.3 WC (2021) St George (Red Rocks)

Long way off, anyone tempted? I suspect qualifying from Europe might be easier, but maybe less slots.

Don’t fancy Vegas, but it’s not far away from the Grand Canyon etc.

Won’t mention Taupo, looks lovely but arse end of nowhere, probably not many hotels etc. and nearly 36 hours to get there!


More tempted by the 140.6 in St George (every 3 years the 70.3 will be a full, starting 2020).

Probably a bit early in the year for a full, for me anyway, really couldn’t get my head round all those long rides in the winter and no real O\W swimming until the race.


One of the things that puts me off Lanza, the early date & winter prep.

I did the full IM there in 2011 and it’s a stunning course. We flew into Vegas, stayed there for a few nights and drove up. It’s less than 2 hours easy drive. There seems to be plenty of hotels in the town, but it’s a slightly strange place (very Mormon😉).

Have they announced a date for it? The IM was the 1st week in May. The water was very cold (14C) and they let people wear booties and gloves for the swim. It felt quite cool for the beginning of the bike, but it got hot very quickly. I think it was in the 40s on the run and the original IM run course had 800m of climbing on it, so up and down the whole way. I think they might have switched to a flatter run course more recently. People were talking about the effect of the altitude 1-2000m above sea level, but I don’t know whether that’s high enough to have an effect or not.

I guess the championship race would be in autumn, so the water would be a bit warmer and the daytime temperatures might have fallen a bit.

I’d definitely consider going back for the full IM, but can’t see 2020 working for me, so maybe a long term goal for 2023😎

I thought the full IM was still May, but if it’s cold they might change that, a lot of the North American races for next year are still TBD for dates.

An Ironman Marathon with 800m of ascent W.T.F!

The water’s cold because the lake is filled by snow melt, but I think if they held the race much later it would be too hot for the bike and run. The 70.3 champs are usually in autumn, so I guess the air temperature will have started to fall and the water will be a bit warmer too.