In Loving Memory - Missing Wetsuit

In memory of TT past…please would someone sell a wetsuit and then spend the next couple of years publicly shaming the person who failed to pay for it?


Can I publicly shame someone who after being paid disappeared into Sandhurst?

did i get that wrong, did he pay and not get the suit?

Allegedly disappear into Sandhurst… the garden centre in the town more like.

Calling koalafish

I think there was more than one incident.

I located him; a Capt in the RLC :wink:


Not JW, too???

Paging Lonestar…

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Christian Loney???
Was he a culprit?

I only mention JW, as he’s another Sandhurst guy, but he’s an upstanding chap. He’s Racing Swashbuckler this weekend.

No, Lonestar was one of Koalas victims.

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so, once bitten, twice repeated???

nothing to be proud of… :slight_smile: