In loving memory - Oldest bit of kit

I’d do the same…!

I can’t beat that shirt. I think my oldest one is from Perranporth 1994.

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Christ I was 7 then!


Apologies for a previous post - I was having. A strategic blow out :beers:… currently every Monday night :grimacing:

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I still have my first yellow cycling top and Carnac red/yellow cycling shoes from when I started triathlon in 2001.

I have climbing gear (hardware for those familiar - wires, friends, karabiners) from the mid 80s. To be fair it’s been in storage since c2005. Still use my trangia stove of similar vintage.

Or I could do it. I did raise a Roger Moore eyebrow.


Crackin’ read, his book about that adventure :+1:

I still have this, from the January event (not the summer event obvs :wink:).
My 1st foray into non standard events … On the day I was happy to finish & gently, deliberately spill hot tea over my numb fingers, in that old barn /communal changing room.
Downgraded from training kit to diy kit … at turn of the millennium :grinning: