In the market for a new bike?

Pinarello Dogma ex SKY DuraAce Di2 for €3000. Size 54

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Also Luke Rowe’s F10

I love ex pro bikes, and have bought stuff from Cervelo Bigla team in Switzerland. There is a pretty big difference in size between the bikes. Personally I would go with the F10, used wheels are really cheap for rim brake bikes.

The K8 is a great price, but I’m not convinced about the need for rear suspension, just seems to add weight for little benefit

Both bike look pretty slammed, which may be an issue if you want a more relaxed position

4.5kg :scream::scream::scream:
Pair of wheels and tyres 1.5kg
Couple of cages and small tubeless saddle bag 400g

6.4kg for a bike :scream::scream:
£4K after you’ve bought a charger.

Decent :+1:t3:

I’ve actually just had my Ventoux hire bike upgraded from a Pinarello Prince to an F10 DA di2.
Got the email this morning!



They have been for sale for some time, fastest wheels ever…?!

My felt is lighter… I think ?!

Pity it’s ancient … like me …!

And THATS why I can’t sell my Ribble entry level TT bike…