Inspiration from unlikely sources

Thought this might be an interesting topic. What inspiration have you had from unlikely sources?

In 2018, Ben Hunt-Davis visited our company and delivered his ‘Will it make the boat go faster’

It was very inspirational and I remember the race well. He spent loads of time chatting to us afterwards and it was a great day. I often think of the phrase and the process those guys went through to get the best rest. Plus I got to hold an actual Olympic gold medal!

Another inspiring person for me is John Britten (sadly passed away). This Kiwi built a world class superbike from scratch, designing every component. The thing was amazing. I remember when it was released and a lot of us club racers were astounded.

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Aaaahhhh the Britten :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
That and the Bimota Tesi have fuelled a lifelong love of FFEs (Funny Front Ends) but this is as close as I’m going to get to either.

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Wow, does someone at Whyte like Telever BMWs? :wink:

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The BMWs are a bit of a halfway house. They still use fork legs that go all the way up, there’s just a lever operating a shock instead of springs in the forks. Britten & Whyte used “Proper” Hossack (British fella) systems.
The Bimota is another world of complexity all together.
Signed - pedant of Worcester :wink:

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Argh, pass the eye bleach.

To wash your mouth out? How very dare you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Last year at Luffbra we had a guest speaker Jurg Gotz. He was an excellent speaker, and it really was inspirational.