International Weightlifting Federation corruption

“ There is an extraordinary story of four members of the Albanian Weightlifting Federation dividing $100,000 between them and driving it from Tirana to Budapest to pay to Aján personally, under the threat that if they did not make the payment, Albania would be excluded from the Rio Olympic Games.”

I dont follow weight lifting as a sport but I thought the general antidoping theme could be of interest here.

Essentially the federation has been led by a corrupt guy for thirty years…

And people still claim FIFA and all other Swiss based federations are open and honest :thinking:. :roll_eyes:

Where there’s money there’s muck.


Bahrain is starting to look pretty dodgy - they equate sporting success with international recognition of their regime and pay a lot to acquire athletes from other nations and their % of test failures is high. Salwa Eid Naser (400m track female World Champion) is the latest to be suspended, having missed 4 tests.


I think she said it wasn’t uncommon to miss 3 tests… but it’s her job to be available for the tests…

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The least shocking doping ban ever!!

How do you miss 4 tests in this day when it’s your job?

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