Was going to put this in the Training Peaks thread but actually probably deserves a thread of its own, people not using TP might be interested. Someone in my Tri club put me on to this.

It basically does pretty much what TP premium does. Except, its free, and there are no ads. You connect to Strava and it pulls in all your workouts, creates graphs like the PMC etc.

Wonder if they are trying to hook people in and then start charging. Someone has put some decent effort into this. You dont knock up software like that in a couple of days.


You’ve got to think that there must be some long term aim to monetise it, so get a user base by offering it free and then start charging once it’s established.

Intriguing. It’s like a combination of Training Peaks, Elevate plugin for strava, runalyze, Trainerroad, etc.

There’s some things it shows as reported, such as W’bal, that I’m not sure any of the above report as standard. Maybe on WKO?

good to see some competition… i’ve thought for a long while that Training Peaks have sat on their laurels… pretty much zero feature improvement in the last 2 years.

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Absolutely! They’ve stagnated for years. Really basic bugs like if you add an activity in app for strength it deletes the title until you paste it in a second time was present for well over a year or if you have run power it defaults to using that for TSS and you can’t set it to use pace or HR based TSS without manually changing it for every activity. I had run power in my garmin for history but didn’t want to use it for TSS tracking.

I frequently emailed TP about things like this and all I ever got was put it in the suggestion scheme and it would just sit there never having anything done. Then they’d jump up and down about new features like being able to add a note on the calendar like they’ve revolutionised training…

I really wish someone would come along and just do all the basic stuff and they’d destroy TP. It’s so annoying that strava focus on useless features where as much better would have a simple calendar you just put planned workouts in like TP and a few interactive graphs like run distance over time. This Would have me off TP and on strava premium overnight as it would be one less service to manage


yep, my pet frustration is that there is a bar chart I find really useful that shows peak power over different time periods, over time, and it only exists on the web version, and has never been ported to the app, where the number of graphs on offer is rubbish… There are quite a few like that… and the UI for the web version on a tablet is virtually unusable. Its pretty poor for the market leading app. As you say, they’ll regret it eventually, as instead of cementing their position and making it pointless anyone challenging them, someone will come along and wipe them out. Perhaps these guys.

:star_struck: Had a look round this morning. Very impressed :star_struck:

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Going to give it a try but, it says “Already and user?, click here”
But no indication as to what you do if your not already a user. Is there a register/login elsewhere, or do you just connect to Strava regardless?

I think something was lost in translation on that bit. You click on it connect your Strava and you’re in.

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Yeah got it cheers!

Jesus Christ. I love numbers but that’s a lot of analysis. No idea where to start… looks great though. :+1:

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That wasn’t the original plan! really is just an itch scratching pet project that started to get popular so I put more effort into it. It costs a bit to run now (time and cash) so I likely will do a premium version at some point … probably to see more than a certain amount of history or something.

I need to separate out from Strava first. They have stopped granting rate limit requests which caps the number of users can have.


Keep it up David… Its got real potential!

Hope this works out for you! :+1:

Hi, that’s one hell of a pet project. I’ve worked in IT dev for 20 years so I know good software when I see it. Well done.

If I were the dev manager at Training Peaks I’d be banging your door down.


Tx. I have a busy day job so definitely not in the market!