intoTri - Walton

Just signed my just turned 8year old up, looks to be a sprint but heavily weighted towards to the run. Anyone know the course and got any tips? Or who to watch out for?

Only 2 weeks before, so need to work out a good training plan, any equipment advice - pyro plates maybe for speed as it’s so short?

… She actually proved what a triathlete is, by her first real questions about how she’ll do the event on her garmin…


Oh, and does any know of any good deals on NEXT%'s in Euro size 32 - thanks!

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PyroPlates! Bloody hell, they’re a blast from the past.
They could do well again now in this relay format :wink:

Just don’t make her wear a trisuit :see_no_evil:

So… how did she get on Jim?

Here’s the race-report!

The intoTri organisation was great, free (donations please!) event but well organised, pool swim 100m, 2km bike, 1.6km run. (200m / 2.7 / 2.3 available). Timed via wrist chips that you have to hold by the reader, takes a second and only 1 at a time, but fine for the event.

5:45 wake up
At the venue of 6:15 and bike racking, surprised by the number of tri-suits, but no-one had a carbon bike at all I think, Otter was wearing a shorty swimsuit btw, not a trisuit.

Swim start was possibly a bit disorganised in that apparently it wasn’t in original swim number order and they just sort of vaguely seeded themselves in the queue based on “are you fast?” questions - despite that and 15s times I didn’t see many overtakes required - it was just 100m after all.

Standing start in the pool, Otter did the first length in just sub 30seconds - it was clear she was going WAY TOO FAST, some long breaths and the subsequent ones were all more even at around 45sec including the pretty slow turns as she tucked under the rope standing - tumble turning under the rope obviously not a skill taught at her swim school, I’ll have to have words. 2:37 for the 100m 22nd / 35.

Very slow T1, 'cos it had started raining, so t-shirt on, as well as hoody, and off on to the bike -

Bike 3 laps, all taken pretty relaxed from an observer (and by 150 peak HR) course was a little busy, especially at the turn around, but fine… 7:54 for the 2km. 28th / 35

Good fast T2 25 seconds, 11th / 35

Run 2 laps, towpath, jogged around in her words, (again sub 150 peak HR), 8:54 for the 1.6km. 22nd / 35

Overall time of 20:06 for 22nd out of the 35, second in age group (8YO) in the results, but the first in the results only did two of the three bike laps…

Good fun event, I would heartily recommend it to anyone in SW London / Surrey area, no seriousness, but a great introduction to triathlon and a good chance for young kids to try it. Otter really enjoyed it, not sure if we’ll be back to the next one on the 22nd September (clashes with hill climbs) but I’m sure we’ll do it again.

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Oh, and the main problem for Otter, was discovering her Garmin wouldn’t let her start a GPS activity when indoors and no GPS got, it simply refused, so there was no full garmin trace of it - it’s a Vivosport, so clearly need to buy her a Fenix or something.

Awesome - sounds great although quite an early start no? - good day in your household!

Yes, pretty early start, but not too bad really - was an excuse to try and get Otter to sleep before midnight the night before.

And yes, we had to rush back as it was too miserable for me to run home with Otter riding and Maryka had to go win the crit champs (for old-ish fogeys) which means I’m still on zero minutes for the day!

Is Otter a reference to swimming prowess, or a really cool actual name?

It’s her actual name, as someone who can just do a vague breaststroke, it would’ve been gutsy to name a baby for swimming prowess! I’m not sure I could do a 30second length, so she’s probably beating me at that already.