Ironbourne Entry - £100

So, I have completely miscalculated how much time and energy my new job and commute is consuming and I’m too far gone to be ready for Ironbourne.

Does anyone want to buy the place from me? £100. I’ve offered it to my club but not had any takers.

£100 is an absolute bargain for someone, but I hope to be racing in France that day :crossed_fingers: .

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Hope so. I only paid 150 as it was early bird and their first event.

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My entry was deferred to next year.

My love of triathlon is non existent currently and I dont think forcing myself to train for an ironman is going to bring it back.

So opening this up again, anyone want and entry for July 21, 100 notes?

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You sure on the date? 21st July is a Wednesday?!

Edit - :man_facepalming:t2: Sorry you’re saying it’s in July…


it’s 18th July 2021

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Hello iwaters - I bite. PM sent.