Ironbourne middle distance

Has anyone done the Ironbourne middle distance race in Eastbourne?
Whats it like? Is it a good race ? well organsied etc and whats the course like?

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not done it but have been a TO there a few times. VERY well organised and well supported in the town area. Sea swim with jump in off the pier; flattish, fast bike course but with a sting in the tail called Beachy Head; multilap flat run along the promenade.


@Toyota_Crown has done the full, which shares a lot of the course.


as my buddh has said, nothing not to like. other than the TO obvs. :sweat_smile: sea sw1m was no bother. keep close to the shore to minimise currents etc, a local told me handily on the ozzie exit half way round. bike course is quite flat until the last 5 miles. good fun on the run with the tourists along the seafront. get yursel in