IRONMAN Austria 2020

Oh the life of a business traveller with loyalty points; meanwhile the rest of us :sweat_smile: or do you not fall into the former category?

As I said on the other thread, I hardly ever travel. I just put all my general expenditure on a credit card that earns me perks.

A pity that “Pedal Pickup” aren’t listing IM Austria as a destination, nor do they have any Scottish pick-up points. I’ll stick with my battered bike box. I cable my TT bike slightly generously to make packing that bit easier at the expense of 0.2 W.

Had a bit of a 'mare with Airbnb booking in Klagenfurt. Booked an apartment, booking confirmed, money paid (50%), then a message saying “we are renovating our house next year so can’t take your booking please contact us again in Spring”. But no refund (?!?). I think it was an old couple who didn’t understand Airbnb’s process (giving them the benefit of doubt here). They failed to cancel my booking despite my requests. In the end I reported it to Airbnb and it was sorted in 1 hour - very well handled. Result: no accommodation! Back to the search…

You’ll probably have to stay out of town now, or in a suite in the Seepark Hotel.

Anyone order a back pack on the registration?
Anyone get theirs?

Back in the day, the IM 70.3 (st polten as was), offered guaranteed entry to IM Austria.

Does this still apply with the IM Salzburg?

I DNS my last IM Austria (along time ago) and feel the need to scratch that itch.

Looking for 2021 as an option, and not having to go through the scrum of registering when they open (unless they no longer sell out in < 5 minutes)…

Anyway, my last post on tritalk 1.0 was 2013, so its nice to see you’re all still here…


I think you have a bit longer to sign-up than the ‘old days’ when it was minutes or an hour.

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