IRONMAN Austria 2020

Oh the life of a business traveller with loyalty points; meanwhile the rest of us :sweat_smile: or do you not fall into the former category?

As I said on the other thread, I hardly ever travel. I just put all my general expenditure on a credit card that earns me perks.

A pity that “Pedal Pickup” aren’t listing IM Austria as a destination, nor do they have any Scottish pick-up points. I’ll stick with my battered bike box. I cable my TT bike slightly generously to make packing that bit easier at the expense of 0.2 W.

Had a bit of a 'mare with Airbnb booking in Klagenfurt. Booked an apartment, booking confirmed, money paid (50%), then a message saying “we are renovating our house next year so can’t take your booking please contact us again in Spring”. But no refund (?!?). I think it was an old couple who didn’t understand Airbnb’s process (giving them the benefit of doubt here). They failed to cancel my booking despite my requests. In the end I reported it to Airbnb and it was sorted in 1 hour - very well handled. Result: no accommodation! Back to the search…

You’ll probably have to stay out of town now, or in a suite in the Seepark Hotel.