IRONMAN Austria 2020

I don’t see a thread, so may as well start one. I did this race in 2006 and 2012, and I’m entered for 2020. Anyone else entered from Tritalk?


Yes, @Poet should hurry-up and get his application in! We were discussing it on the Roth thread.

Saw the discussion on the Roth thread. It reminded me that I must book accommodation ASAP! Shame the camp site lacks static caravans as i don’t fancy a tent.

Any insider tips for accommodation anyone? Within cycling distance - 10k - of start?

Pricing things up…

Second time I stayed at Pension Wachau. Cheap & cheerful, about 15 min walk to start (prob less). Couple of nearby supermarkets, and some restaurants & bakery :+1:

ETA - looks booked up already! Of course there’s Air B&B now too. Whatever, you cannot be snoozing on accommodation at these races outside the major cities.

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The race itself is almost sold out. They announced 400 slots left a couple of days ago, and only 200 left as of yesterday morning (on the fb page)

Has this gone to a single loop bike course now? I guess that probably helps a bit with congestion on the course.

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It’s actually two separate loops now; one 90km lap north of the city, then the original loop is the second 90km.

To be pedantic, it’s actually three individual loops…

And it looks as though IMA is going to sell out before I can perform due diligence on the purchase

I was unaware the cycle course had changed to include a northern loop. I’m pleased that there will be some new roads. I’m betting it will sell over the weekend…

I stayed at a wonderful hotel on the south bank and got the water taxi in…the only problem was that the food was fab and the wine list extensive…

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I’m training hard in the 4th discipline of triathlon: shopping. I’ve ordered two new TT helmets to try for fit (one will be returned immediately - my god the price of them…). I’ve a big head - 61cm! My old Spiuk is looking battered and was uncomfortable from the get go ten years ago.

I started TrainerRoad’s Sweet Spot Base (Mid Volume) yesterday. Ramp test today eek. Anyone else using TrainerRoad?

Sold Out.

Got a large noggin as well, the Giro Aerohead fits well for me and gets good aero ratings.

Snap. I’ve bought a Aerohead in Large. Fits well. I’ve sent back the Specialized S-Works which I think looks better and is a narrower/slimmer helmet. I consider it very weak of Specialized to do only two sizes: small and medium (which they call “medium/large”, but tops out at 59 cm).

Entry purchased. Flights booked for family. Accommodation booked. Still need to book the bike on the plane via call center FFS. Now I am broke for the remainder of the summer!


Fortunately I’ve always been able to add the bike online. I think it’s way cheaper than a shipping service, and you’re not without your bike for an extended period. There are of course downsides/risks with both.

I think £100 is the most I’ve paid return for a bike. Hamburg was £88. What’s a shipping service, £250+?

I paid nearly £250 for Hamburg to get the bike shipped, they’ve ramped the prices in the last year or two. But, the bike is a total PITA to disassemble with the hydraulic brakes etc., also I wasn’t coming straight home and you can pack a bag, so I could have probably avoided hold luggage on the flight.


I think that would probably be the only potential upside, in a specific case like that, for me of spending those huge fees.

The bike box basically never costs me anything extra. Especially if I can get BA reward flights using my credit card spend points. A return business class flight in Europe is £1 in fees, plus points, and includes 2x32kg bags!

Strangely enough :roll_eyes: after just reading this thread, this popped up on FB -

£200 to ship to Frankfurt and a few others. At that price it is worth it to not mess about.

I’ve taken my bike overseas twice and not really found it any hassle but it would be nice to not mess about at both ends, and also rent a smaller car.