Ironman helmet and saddle

Started my ironman training for next June and just after a few pointers. I’m on the turbo trainer and going to put TT bars to get used to that position of riding and then some on my actual race day bike once the winter has finished.
Is there a saddle designed for being in the ‘aero’ position and is there any need in getting an aero helmet?
I’m looking at a 13-14 hr time so I’m not bothered about spending on a new helmet for the sake of a few mins.

Cheers Jonny

The helmet will just depend on how much you value saved time. I think it’s true to say that any aero helmet will reduce drag compared to a bog standard one, although finding the optimal one would take some testing. An aero helmet is often considered one of the more cost effective ways to buy free speed. But the question to ask is does 5+ minutes of saved time really matter to you? There’s also the question of your race. If the conditions are hot, and you are not used to it, spending 6+ hours inside an aero lid might get uncomfortable.

Personally, I like an aero helmet with a visor as visibility is better than looking through the top of sunglasses.

On the saddle, it’s going to be a matter of personal preference, but yes, there are lots of TT specific saddles. Mostly with central cut channels to relieve pressure and/or cut off noses. I tried an adamo but hated it. I now use a fizik mistica, having previously been on the tritone. But most brands do an equivalent so it can be a bit of trial and error for what works for you comfort wise.

My saddle of choice is the Cobb Flow Max, but as Stenard says, they’re quite individual. Some shops will allow you to try/rent a saddle for a fee, and if you buy a saddle off them, they will knock that £ off the new one. Pretty sure Bike Science do that.

Excellent, thanks alot for that. I’ll see if I can try a few out if possible and go from there.
As for the helmet I want to be as quick as I can, and it’s a relatively flat course about 4000ft of climbing alot of the flats on coastal roads so might be wroth it on the helmet.


Depends if you want a full teardrop helmet, or are happy with an aero road job you can wear all the time. There are some very good ‘aero road’ helmets out there nowadays, which will be position agnostic compared to full-tailed ones.

Very difficult to recommend a saddle as they are always personal preference, I use a Fabric Tri saddle, know a few others that also use one, pretty cheap option to give a try, as finding the right one can end up costing a fortune!

I use a Specialized Sitero and some days it can feel fine and others like I’m sat on two fence posts but I generally get on with it ok.

If you find you want a Fizik Mystica Wide, I have a barely used one at home ( a few hours max) that I’d happily offload cheap cheap. It’s a great saddle but I should have got the Regular version.

As for helmet, I’m happy with my Kask Bambino, used without a visor for tri and with for TTs. If I were in the bang for buck market and not doing TTs, I’d probably get a current aero road helmet and make use of it’s versatility.

As @stenard says finding the right helmet without testing is hard. Someone from slowtwitch did some wind tunnel testing with them and the results were all over the place. Each helmet is affected by head position. Their conclusion was just buy the one you like the look of. If you want something aero and dont want to spend loads look at Planet X#x Carnac range, they are a steal

Saddle wise I agree with the others, personal preference. I use a Spesh Sitero, get on fine with it.

Bontrager Velocis MIPS and ISM for me.

I benefit more from ventilation.

Thanks all for the replies, really help full, much appreciated

Carbon dash 9 saddle

Crazy money but along with raceskin long distance pad tri shorts solved a problem that really was starting to become a right pain in the ass!

Tempting to get a TT saddle, I just ride on a road one- how would I know if I need the narrow or wide one?

Measures your biffin’s bridge? You need to try them to find which one feels best. Some shops or bike fitters might let you borrow one for a ride.

You’ll probably have to kiss a few frogs.

Yeah pretty much this. It felt ok in the shop when I was getting the P3 sorted but quickly realised it was too wide for me. At the time you couldn’t get a regular for love nor money, so i went with the Sitero.

I’d be happy to send it to you if you want to try it mate.

Worth keeping position in mind too @Jonnym92. First time I put TT bars on my road bike I got crippling saddle sores within couple of months. Tried couple different saddles from friends spares but felt bit put out wondering how many Id have to buy and test.
Second season put the bars on again in spring, and again felt uncomfortable pretty quick. Got a bike fit, they took 10cm off my reach and I’ve never had an issue since. Granted I was just riding it as per the guy I’d bought the bike off, whereas you might be capable of doing a half decent self-fit. But probably the best value money ive spent on tri for comfort and speed.


100 mm…?!

My new one will be a beauty when it’s built up next week…

Aero bike fit booked

It all about the legs though.
You obviously have the swim, run and engine.

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