Ironman Italy 2019

Hi all,

Having deferred my entry from Ironman Lanzarote this year, I’m now doing Ironman Italy.

I’m flying into Bologna, and was wondering if anyone here has any advice on the trip from Bologna to Cervia? There’s the Nirvana transfer, which is about £150, or there is the train, which is about £10.

Wondering if anyone has any advice on the train journey, as I’ll have a bike box etc with me.



I just hired a car

Good old Nirvana; price gouging as usual.

How far is the transfer from Airport to your hotel? You should be able to book a transfer with a taxi firm in advance at a reasonable rate. Google provides plenty of hits.

It’s about 50 miles, I think. Lots of Google hits, but weirdly they’re all more expensive than the Nirvana transfer fee! Prices coming in around €170.

I’ll keep looking, just wondered if anyone had any prior experience of doing this a bit cheaper. I’ll probably end up on the train.

Registration open for 2020 today, tier 1 sold out I’m told.
Definitely not going long next year after 4 full distances in 3 years but if I was…so tempted by this one🤔


I had an early price code and fancied this, although I gather it’s another draft fest?

Sounds like a good course for a sub 10 attempt.