Ironman Lanzarote 2021

FFS. Glad I’m not doing it now. Bike course has become a bit shit, now this.


yes :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:mad a wasp , just booked up for it before they announced it.this will be my last time now !

the video says its what the athletes want!! thats bolloxs ,

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I loved the Mass Starts, and still think they are iconic sights. However, my first experience of a Rolling Start in Hamburg was positive, in that even as a veteran of many an Ironman, I felt less ‘stress’ at the start. So that can only be a good thing for the uninitiated.

load of bollox , the whole concept was you start together and first to complete all 3 swim bike run the quickest was the winner .

I can understand and empathise with that premise; but Ironman as an organisation has ‘had’ to make some changes with the swim portion. Ironman have to be seen to be taking some action to mitigate the swim deaths. They are a customer focussed/driven business too, and seemingly most of their customers are not seasoned OW swimmers. Ultimately though, a ‘devil may care’ stance would see them in hot legal water at some point.

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Talk about it here

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I note it’s age group staggered rather than predicted time too so will still get a lot of fight with mixed abilities and potentially continually catching those slower in the earlier age groups

Aren’t the rolling starts usually time seeded?

To be fair, everyone with a chance of winning (the top 10 pros) will be starting on the line at the front and the first one of those to the finish line will have the fastest time and will be the winner. Everyone else will get an accurate finish time from the start mat to the finish mat and there should be less biff as there’s less incentive to fight your way into the water.

it was a race and a race started when the gun goes

yes the pros will win

but at Lanza there are some top age groupers that mix it at the front in both mens & womens race in the swim & bike

now you can all take your time to get in the water in your time and space and god forbid anyone touches you
and as for changing from polo shirt to technical t shirt is bollox
anyway best crac on ,
as they say no likey on your bikey

Sad to see the change :roll_eyes:

I appreciate there are many customers/athletes who find the start intimidating, but you would think there is a middle ground where you can opt to go from the mass start or a rolling start afterwards, Kona q only from mass start :thinking:

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There were quite a few people retreating out of the water with bloodied noses etc. Last year according to my son, who was watching from the beach.

Doesn’t really affect me as I’m MOP at best, but there was a lot of unnecessary biff. I still got a PB but there were a lot of people there who need to be taught that punching people is not cool.

Can’t they do mass start for pro and elite, then put the rest of us through the turnstiles?

What’s happened to the bike course? I enjoyed it last year, epic imo.

So AG waves like 70.3? That would satisfy the head-to-head racing requirement, yes @stivrunning? If AGers want to race the Pros, then they need to get a Pro card.

That’s the thing… its meant to be f*****g intimidating…its a bloody IM, not a jog in the park. :disappointed:

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This is why the World population is getting out of hand; society is trying to make life safer :thinking: :upside_down_face:

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I agree. Perhaps an attempt to get more entries? It’s been well below capacity the last few years. Trying to avoid the gossip surrounding a move to Tenerife? :astonished:

Ironman Playas de las Americas (said in an Essex accent)

one of the biggest dumps I’ve had the misfortune to visit. Thanks to the Brits!

We stayed at the Gran Melia up the coast in Alcala (the one with the huge saltwater lagoon pool). No riff-raff there.

yes we was up at Golf del sur which was quite nice but travelled into PdlA and Los Cristianos which were both pretty much adverts for the “Hate the Brits” Campaign. The north is far better though.