Ironman Lanzarote 2021

Do they have an expo? Can’t see anything on the website.

Not at PDC May have something at Club La Santa

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That’s what I did, landed just after ten, car hire, apartment in Puerto Del Carmen, lunch then drove over to club la Santa.

But @Duckhen may be right, I was just following the Ironman booklet because I know how strict they can be. Checkin/Registration after the briefing was a total ballache with hundreds of people being serviced by three volunteers in a sweaty low ceiling block. At least there was free lemon Fanta :slightly_smiling_face:

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I didn’t hang about Club la Santa. But if you walk down the beachfront past the IM stuff there were tents set up for 226ER and three or four vendors and a bike mechanics tent. Not the rigmarole of an Ironman Village though.

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I’ve just noticed that Lanzarote doesn’t offer the deferred payment plan that all of the other Ironmans now appear to be offering. :thinking:

Bugger. Was planning on using that.

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Me too

Time for a new interest-free credit card?

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Re: Expo - they had three or four gazebos (clothing, bike stuff, some wetsuits…) at PDC this year and a little portacabin as well. There’s not much stuff there at all. I think Ironman let Lanza sell whatever they want so there’s next to no expensive generic Ironman stuff, and all “Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote” stuff instead - I got a hoodie this year for a good price.


Lanza is one of the few independent IM races, so is always going to be a bit different from the WTC-owned races.

I don’t think you are ever going to get much of an expo at Lanza because of the remoteness of the location. It’s a long ferry ride from mainland Europe for anyone wanting to bring merchandise over in a van. For the other races, a lot of companies spend the summer driving from race to race, so you do tend to get a decent expo at the Euro M-dot races.


There’s a ferry from Europe? It’s 120miles off the coast of Western Sahara. That must take forever!

There is a Ferry from Cadiz, takes about a day and half. If you live in Spain there is a bike drop off service and they will ship your bike to the race.

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Registrations now open…


“ If you enter by midnight on or before 1 September you will be eligible for a free deferral of your 2020 race entry to Club La Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote 2021. This means that you can let life happen and focus on preparing for your race goals – if plans change, you can defer your entry up until 45 days before the 2020 race date no matter what the reason.”

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The official 2019 race video is now up on YouTube…

m (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=E2mYb9t9c9g

I’m also strangely tempted by this. I’ve been out there twice on holiday, and ridden large parts of the course at various times. The brutality of it intrigues me - it plays to none of my strengths. But I was meant to be having an easier winter…

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I’m exactly like you. We holiday there a couple of times a year and I always take my road bike. I’ve cycled in those winds but still have an urge to do the Ironman.

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I feel like this is the case for me also; but I do have a propensity for toughing it out, regardless of the weather extremes. But Lanza doesn’t appeal as the right sort of toughing-it-out from the comfort of my office chair. Norseman would probably suit me better given my background.

It plays to few of my strengths, but that for me was the draw. I am a good swimmer, but I am huge and pay for the weight on the hills. I love the sun and heat but because of my size I run hot and sweat like a yak.

I want to additional challenge of it not being a course that suits me. If I was going to play to my strengths then Vichy would work well for me, lake swim, often non-wetsuit, flat bike.

Same as Jorgan I like to tough things out in extremes. Blazing hot sun, or winy and rain for me. Hate “perfect conditions”

Tenby on a sh!t day would suit me better than Lanza on a hot day. But the Tenby date has never suited due to the Holidays and wife’s Birthday.