Ironman recovery

So, after the Lakesman and a couple of IM races previously I’ve mostly felt pretty good after and ready to do a bit of swimming, easy bike etc within a few days…no real issues at all other than some soreness.
This time completely drained with man flu symptoms within 48 hours and barely enough energy to do anything (other than eat).
What’s normal amongst Tritalkers…back on it straight away, ease back, long rest, man up etc?

In general the more I’ve done the easier recovery has been. It’s now 3/4 days any movement hurts/very tired/eat 3 x body weight then another 3/4 days easy mobilisation workouts and then I can go again.

However the odd one bucks that trend, a KQ attempt at Cozumel last year that ended with heat exhaustion, vomiting, 17 minute miles and a drip in the med tent took about 6 weeks to feel ‘recovered’.

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Where was the swim? Might be worth seeing your GP to rule out Weil’s disease :rat: although I think the onset is a week after.

Has been known for some to get up the next day and do another one… :joy:


I couldn’t have run a bath the day after!

Funnily enough I’ve come down with full blown man flu…and think I was probably compromised already on race day.

Anyway, back to feeling sorry for myself.