Ironman Sardinia 70.3

another race stolen from Challenge. One of my favourite paces in the world. If I was to set up foreign training camps if would be this island. The routes look stunning and its half term! Shame it attached to a boutique hotel you need a mortgage to stay at but accommodation can be found quite reasonable on the island

Where is it Porto Cervo? (just guessing, haven’t clicked!)

ETA - oh down in the south; how pikey :rofl:

the south is probably better than Costa Smerelda, certainly better riding conditions in the south and central regions. the north is too busy!

I prefer really really slow :rofl:

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Yeah, too many of us rich folk up north :thinking: :sweat_smile:

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We go to the north most years but i wouldn’t fancy cycling there. Porto Cervo is great to ogle the billionaire yachts and Bugatti’s.