Ironman Sardinia 70.3

another race stolen from Challenge. One of my favourite paces in the world. If I was to set up foreign training camps if would be this island. The routes look stunning and its half term! Shame it attached to a boutique hotel you need a mortgage to stay at but accommodation can be found quite reasonable on the island

Where is it Porto Cervo? (just guessing, haven’t clicked!)

ETA - oh down in the south; how pikey :rofl:

the south is probably better than Costa Smerelda, certainly better riding conditions in the south and central regions. the north is too busy!

I prefer really really slow :rofl:

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Yeah, too many of us rich folk up north :thinking: :sweat_smile:

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We go to the north most years but i wouldn’t fancy cycling there. Porto Cervo is great to ogle the billionaire yachts and Bugatti’s.

I was looking at this race too, it does look good. Has anyone done it when it was a Challenge race? What’s the course like?
I agree though that hotel looks pricey!

I’m not sure I’d be entering anything abroad at the moment, in case it gets cancelled due to the C-word.

Yes, that’s also my concern/plan too. I did look at flights and easyjet haven’t released dates/flights for that week yet anyway.
Ive not been to Sardinia before, have you? Is it good for cycling etc? It does look like a decent venue & location

Sardinia is stunning, the north east is nice but not for cycling. there is a “Las Playitas” type place in Olbia called Geovillage that is good base for swimming but shit location for cycling. The mid regions are much better for cycling, some mid/low mountains, 1000m or so and roads generally quieter although they are all crazy drivers. Food is obviously excellent! course looks entertaining, not tough but bike isnt flat! October is great weather wise, not too hot and sea warm from a whole summer. I would imagine it may not be wetsuit legal as its the Med, certainly as the sea is not even cold in winter as it holds about 15c. Easyjet fly into Olbia very cheap. Cagliari is closest for this race but typically a more expensive flight, depends on priorities and how much driving you wish to do. BA fly into Cagliari as well and bike box counts as a normal piece of luggage on BA so can be cheaper overall!

If i was to up sticks and start a training camp it would be here!

I’ve only been to the north (Costa Smeralda). That was in Sept; it was still hot, but a lot quieter than peak season I think (from traffic perspective).

Thanks for the info.
I’ll keep an eye on this one. It does look good, timing wise being half term is also good. Will keep an eye on it as the ‘C’ word progresses!!

this was parked in Olbia in late 2017 when we were getting the ferry to Livorno. 125m long superyacht owned by Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed al Nahyan from the UAE -

it was bigger than the ferry

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This one had a helicopter , this was just off a beach not far from Porto Cervo

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Christ that helicopter looks tiny!

the “small” yacht to our left was big enough, makes it look like a speed boat in the picture. You can see two jetskis to the front and its own speedboat near the rear to get real scale. As FB said above the oil sheikh and abramovich yachts are the size of a ferry!

Gimme a nice 45-50’ sailboat over those money-pits.

Nothing says ‘fcuk the planet’ like a super yacht with several tonnes of rainforest inside it.

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you’re just jealous of my yacht aren’t you

Not of the running costs :sweat_smile: These people are so rich they don’t know what to spend their money on.

There are some beautiful sailing yachts about, a fraction of the cost of the same sized motor cruiser, and upkeep also a fraction. Having done quite a lot of sailing in the past, it beats sitting 50ft above the sea surrounded by chinz.