Ironman UK 2021

I’m in, who else? First time doing Bolton
Entries open today, I took the plunge last night with a priority entry
I do love a “brutal” bike course :slight_smile:



Going to do a " Faster " full next year which will be A race… enjoyed it this year but will depend on dates…

Bike course is awful, but a challenge, rumours abound about changing it…

To Blackpool?

You started that one…
Finish by the big one…?!
You ready for Sunday?

Maybe. Starting to think about it.

Bolton has never appealed and really hasn’t appealed to my Wife. I get that the bike course had major criticism this year and they were seemingly lucky that the weather was decent and that a change may come in next year.
But It could work, I mean a tough bike course does tick a box for me. I think I would just hotel it on the Saturday drive home Sunday leave the family at home.
The race does seem out of favour with Ironman though. Are there any other races that don’t have a pro field?
Decisions, decisions. I’ll see how Outlaw this weekend goes first.

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My god this course is slow! Still weighing up options and put the 2019 IMUK course into BBS, comparing to my power at Copenhagen last year. Against my 5:18 from Copenhagen, BBS is predicting 6:45 in Bolton :sob:

Compare that to Vitoria, and it’s on a par with Copenhagen. Just reinforces my concerns however. UK would all be about getting through. Time would never be a concern. Whereas Vitoria would end up all being about a PB, or I’d be disappointed.

Still, a marathon off a 6:45 bike split is a whole different ball game to one off just over 5hrs. Thinking about it, I’d have to go even slower at UK. Copenhagen power has me at 330 TSS. That’s in the “blown” category on the Trainingpeaks table. To get it down to the mid to high 200s, I have to drop the BBS power to 0.6 IF and that equates to another 40mins of riding! :rofl: Mental.

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It sounds awful. Can anyone share their ride from Strava this year? Can’t find anything with a quick google

Wonder if this will be more popular next year with slot hunters, look at these roll-downs, particularly M50!



Still breaking my heart that I turned mine down. I know I’m a grown up and all that and that it was my decision and that it was probably the ‘right’ decision for my family but it still stings like FcuK!
Gonna be painful watching the coverage in October.


Check out my activity on Strava:


Course was well discussed on 2019 thread. Nothing particularly steep, just lots that will come back to take the strength out of you later on unless you really save yourself.
Danger this year for me was looking at average pace as get sucked in to trying to lift it, assuming everyone else would still be going well under 6 hours.
This years results and stenards BBS shows that’s not the case


Awesome thanks for that.
Bloody hell is that 3000 meters climbing accurate? Looks constantly up and down.
I am leaning towards getting an entry in.

Sorry for the plug for @Rooster yet again…


…listen to this weeks Oxygen Addict podcast with the race director and Brian Fogarty. It’s great (if you like a Northern accent!)
It adds to it if you’ve listened in the last to Brian talking to Marc Laithwaite about the course, too.

Got to say…it’s sounding pretty good to me, too :see_no_evil:


Strange that I forgot about it the next day…
It just doesn’t appeal, I’ll probably never get another chance but no regrets.

That is just mental for a bottom gear…

He was on a Trinity…? I think?..the rear block looked bigger… But single 60 on that course is beyond crazy… But it obviously worked.

You will do well, if you don’t loose too much time on the nutty downhills…

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62 I think they said after the actual phone call :scream:
He had to have a 30 on th3 back…surely?

No think the official route had it around 2600m, that’s just my 910 messing up elevation in old age. It constantly adds on 10-20% so at least it’s a vague reference for me.

Looking forward to listening to the podcast. Listened to the Brick one last year after someone mentioned it here, he spoke a lot of sense.

It came across as he didnt actually know, 11 speed could have been a 32…?
You in?

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We will see how this Sunday goes…

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That was before the final route change. It was 9100ft.