IRONMAN Vitoria-Gasteiz 2020

After watching the FB feed I am mentally sold on doing this when the registration opens. Anyone else thinking about this?


I’m really torn between IM France and this race. I thought it looked great too. No IMs next year for me but hopefully 2021.

What Nike’s are you going to use for it?

And it looks as though IMA is going to sell out before I can perform due diligence on the purchase.

The only question is: is it fast?

I had a look at it, it was very quick this year, and it’s got a reasonable start time of after 8AM,

But… split transitions looked painful, and it’s a 45 minute bus trip on race morning, although Frankfurt isn’t too far off that.

I’ll see how long retirement from IM’s last after Hamburg :rofl:


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Yeah. Sub 8 Male, sub 9 woman indicates it’s pretty rapid.

Why the late start time??? Are you not then running in the hottest part of the day?

My guess is due to the commute to the swim and it being out of town, one of their claims is that it won’t actually be too hot given the part of Spain it’s at, I think it reckoned low-mid 20’s.

Barca has a similar late start, but more because of daylight due to it being in October, but ideal for lazy people like myself.


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It also guarantees the crowd turn out in the afternoon/evening. The region is certainly cooler than central europe and easy to get to flying into Bilbao

Yeah it was a coin flip between this and IMCH this year

CHRIST ON A BIKE :scream::scream::scream:

That’s a bloody elevation profile I can get behind :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

It’s like every ride I do on my TT bike :rofl:
It’s also a 2+1 loop draft fest opportunity :smiling_imp:

The split transition does look like a headache one could do without before an IM…but it’s easily drivable!

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Ooh, this date would work for me, if I could convince her who must be obeyed.

12th July?
Aren’t you still at “work” then :wink:

I’m thinking “is it dog friendly?”
I then go and check out the National Park on google.
First lot of images all feature dogs :heart_eyes::ok_hand:t4:

I work on the dark side. Even longer summer break. :sunglasses:

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A-ha ha ha! I see.
One of the former TT lot has been off for weeks now - already decamped to France and racking up the miles.

Let’s see how Sunday goes, but if the IM urge is there, this could be a definite possibility

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Life’s too short for that sh!t :crazy_face:

Could this be a TT outing! I’ve always wanted to ride in this region, maybe not super flat though and about 100km to the west of there for the best climbing.

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Ironman video posted on Facebook of the bike course yesterday - looks like a lot of loops. Someone in the comments raging that they were directed to t2 after Only riding 132km :rofl:

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Don’t need that kind of ineptitude!

Can’t you all come back in 2021 when I can do it? :cry:

My girlfriends sister"s boss ( rich Dentist did it ) he thinks i"m alot faster than him !!.. did it
He has obviously improved recently (30-35)


He lives on the IMUK bike course, clever and fast…