Ironman World Champs Nice Sept 10th

Am I billy no mates then?

Just seen that Blummenfelt has pulled out (short distance focus).

Kind of hoping Jan can pull off one final masterclass, although not sure he is a climber.


I think the French lads will have a good chance this year.


#Humblebrag :joy:

Looks better than Kona, that’s fo’ sho’


Not much of a #humblebrag when they were giving slots away in packets of cornflakes… :rofl:

Maybe I should up my insta and hashtag game and make more of it…


Nope, also in. Also got a slot off a cornflakes packet :joy: (accepted in April when the Cali slots got given back\added to) I will say that I was at least in the top 7% of my AG on that race.

Things were going reasonably well with 3K to go at Elsinore in June, felt alright, bike & run were decent then the hamstring problem followed by jumping straight into winter later that week.

Probably going to be the most underprepared I’ve ever been for an IM :frowning:

Last O\W swim was Finland on 1st July, longest pool session has been 3.3K, but I have been managing at least 7K PW
Barely 3 rides since May over 4 hours and mostly flat but have averaged ~220K PW for about 10 weeks
Running, erm yeah, longest actual run in 10 weeks was 8K and still not convinced about the hamstring

But I’ve made peace with the fact it is going to be a long day and it’s not like I’d setting any PB’s etc, currently thinking 12-13 hours depending on the leg. Need to try and reign in my ego and get plenty of walk breaks early on and can maybe jog at least half of it.

And to cap things off I’ve managed to get a bit of a cut on my ankle today so won’t be in the river before I go and no swimming tonight.

Tapering has started (in June) :joy:


PS, I arrive on Wednesday, probably going to ride the 70.3 course on the Thursday as I’m only there as a spectator.


We must meet up at some point then hopefully I won’t get ill 2/3 days before like 70.3. WC last year


Are you trying to pull a Bongo here @jeffb?!

:joy: :joy:


Did someone order a :beach_umbrella:



That’s the worry, I’m flying from Teesside via Amsterdam so will try and avoid as many people as possible. Hopefully get the immune system working before then as well.

When are you arriving? You possibly have the option of driving?

I’d like a swim at some point as well and probably know at least one other lad that is going, in your AG, but I suspect you’ll both be a bit more serious than me.

Honestly, I think we’re both competing for how unprepared we’ll be :joy: bonus for you is that you are both young and fit, sub 17 ring any bells!

To think this time last year I managed to blag my way round CCC. This is likely to be my slowest ever IM and second longest race ever.


Yep driving leaving Tuesday should get there late Weds.

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check your baggage allowance @jeffb , those things are heavy, you might have to leave some at home :smile:


@TROSaracen you should be OK if you’re driving, perhaps you could fit one or two of jeffs in…

Good luck gents :+1:


I had my suspicions you were up to something with your 3km swims

You love a stealthy Ironman announcement :rofl:


Haha, I’d say it was genuine terror even before I got injured, and I am supposed to be doing Berlin marathon a fortnight later, not sure the body is up to that as well!

Looks like I’m bib number 1560


You had him running scared?


Where did you find your bib number @jeffb

I logged on to select my checkin time and it was there. I’m assuming it’s correct, can’t be any more people now.

Thanks, silly me thinking that sort of info would be on the website amongst the Breitling watch adverts etc….


Good luck gents. Haven’t done the IM Nice but I competed when it’s was long course champs. I was fairly new to triathlon, pretty quick around the old Weymouth half which got me a place on the GB age group team. Wow thought I was something special!

Got schooled by the continental boys going uphill as I powered up the lower slopes only to be passed by them far from the top!
Descending……well they were descending I was braking and braking and then just hoping to get down in one piece!

Good luck stay safe and have a great day