Is anyone a Patreon here?

Didn’t want to distract from the Watching thread but wondered if anyone supports a channel via Patreon and what you get out of it (if anything)

Mr follows ‘We Have Ways’ patreon page as he’s an avid follower of their podcasts. I don’t think the subs for them are particularly expensive but it’s also not the most active - blogs and maybe 1 live session a month. He enjoys it but then it’s something he has an interest in.

It does seem to be a bit of a palaver connecting sometimes but works well once connected. But that could also be the technophobe he is :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Ah thanks. There is an ultra/running channel I’m thinking of chucking a ‘frothy coffee’ worth of change at.
Part of me says ‘it’s your choice to do this’ and part of thinks about that I already get a lot out of it (plus I have Adblocker on my Mac and feel guilty :smile: )

Not tri related but I have two channels I currently support; Ashens, which is hard to describe but mostly about pound shop tat. And The Late Brake show - a car channel.

Thanks for that. I watched the Late Brake Show yesterday (Niro EV). I assume you can switch of mails etc from Patreon so you don’t spammed from here to next week?

Yes, all sorts of mail options, I take the ones from the creator direct but avoid the marketing from the patreon service.

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Cheers mate :+1: