Isoman UK 2020

Interestingly (I was reading the 2018 race guide) transition times are not taken into account in the final race results / rankings.

For example, in 2018: “In this year’s Isoman you will be given an 8 minute window in which to get from the finish timing gate of your swim to the start timing gate of the bike. If you spend longer than 8 minutes then this will be added to your overall time.”

So in theory you could end up with a transition time, but you’d be pretty mad / unfortunate.

Bike-run had a 5 minute allowance.

I have never come across this before. Tactics… :thinking:

@Chriswim I see there is a 4-120-30 in Cologne in Sept 2020. Can’t see that washing at home :grimacing: but I like the distances.

Full change into skinsuit and cycling calf guards, complete with velotoze.

Then another full change into run kit.

Quick chance for a stretch, too

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But there are no nudist areas at Isoman so gotta be careful :grimacing:

I’m going to keep the Isoman Half on my radar (not going long next year). It’s fairly close to me (~90 min drive); although if you have to sign-on the day before I’ll probably give it a miss, as I’m not that close and don’t want a night in Redditch!

In 2018 there was on-the-day registration so I expect it’ll be the same for next year.

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Good, I could be there crushing it like a grape then. Lots of (extra) swim training required… hang-on I thought it was ‘Iso’ :sweat_smile:

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So… this is open for entry.

£120 earlybird price for the Isoman 77 (half distance) until 1st Jan.
Full price will be £210.

Various other swim / bike / run combos.

Just need to get out of my prior commitment… :confused:

‘Quick change’ and Velotoze are words that don’t usually live together. :laughing:


Good point Amanda, doesn’t explicitly state going straight from £120 to £210 overnight.

£120 seems bit better but £90 for the sprint seems a little hefty. It gives the impression being quite a low key event so depends what you pay for.
Even if I’m not working (50% chance) I’m busy the Saturday in Leicester, and staying overnight, meant to be a social occasion. Think that makes it very unlikely I’ll be getting up at 430 and leaving friends to get across :pensive:
Shame as I’d have probably firm committed if they’d released a date earlier, it’s been on my wishlist for few years.

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I wonder how they judge that? I tend to think of as a stronger swimmer than bike, with run weakest.

It’s based on times, how close the 3 disciplines are together as, in theory, they should be the same.
You could come last and be the most equal with 4 hours per discipline.

Yeah I was thinking that.

If compiling a list of “ways to upset/ruin your mindset for a race in T1” I would think trying to get those things on after all that time in the water would be quite high up it.

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Ah that’s interesting. Although true isometry would be standalone times I suppose.

For the half I would probably be 1.5h, 1.5h, 2.25h…So supports my self assessment of being a weak runner, but perhaps I over estimate my swim strength.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

There is probably some gamesmanship in getting the 3 splits close together. You could certainly sandbag your way to perfect splits; which is why maybe they need to use another algorithm to weight for both ‘isoness’ and speed :sweat_smile:

Mine would be similar to that so I’d have to start sandbagging from the beginning to “fiddle” the result. If you were a stronger runner than biker, than swimmer it would be pretty easy.

I would sandbag the swim, which would be not too hard, then consequently sandbag the bike & run so that they lasted as long as the swim.

However; unless the prize involved in this category is huge, I’ll just go for best effort!

Human nature never ceases to surprise me but do you think people would genuinely do that for what is a “secondary” issue compared to the overall race time?

See above! (crossed posts)

Is it secondary though, I don’t know. Is it about being ‘Iso’ or just being ‘fairly Iso but fast as possible’ ?

I think first and foremost it’s a race with a nod to the most equal after that. (I haven’t asked Gary specifically but that would be my impression)

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Yeah my impression from reading about previous years was always that it’s a normal race first. They don’t advertise it as being a competition to be the most equal, it’s advertised as a normal race. And then in small print I once saw that they also list results by most equal. Don’t know if there’s any actual monetary prize to make people even consider gamesmanship.

As an off-thread, the talk of 4-120-30 got me looking. I see 2021 ITU long distance champs is destined for Townsville; Queensland Australia. Perfect for someone looking for jobs in Brisbane :rofl: First Taupo and now this, my partner will think it’s all deliberate.