Isoman UK 2020

Interestingly (I was reading the 2018 race guide) transition times are not taken into account in the final race results / rankings.

For example, in 2018: “In this year’s Isoman you will be given an 8 minute window in which to get from the finish timing gate of your swim to the start timing gate of the bike. If you spend longer than 8 minutes then this will be added to your overall time.”

So in theory you could end up with a transition time, but you’d be pretty mad / unfortunate.

Bike-run had a 5 minute allowance.

I have never come across this before. Tactics… :thinking:

@Chriswim I see there is a 4-120-30 in Cologne in Sept 2020. Can’t see that washing at home :grimacing: but I like the distances.

Full change into skinsuit and cycling calf guards, complete with velotoze.

Then another full change into run kit.

Quick chance for a stretch, too

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But there are no nudist areas at Isoman so gotta be careful :grimacing:

I’m going to keep the Isoman Half on my radar (not going long next year). It’s fairly close to me (~90 min drive); although if you have to sign-on the day before I’ll probably give it a miss, as I’m not that close and don’t want a night in Redditch!

In 2018 there was on-the-day registration so I expect it’ll be the same for next year.

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Good, I could be there crushing it like a grape then. Lots of (extra) swim training required… hang-on I thought it was ‘Iso’ :sweat_smile:

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