Isoman UK 2020

FB post from 2018. Shame for those who sandbagged!

For me, bike 2hrs, run 2hrs, but my swim is quicker. I’ll do it if I possibly can - the earlybird price is attractive.

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Yeah, I’d need to get it in the diary, before that weekend gets filled with something else!

Doh, it was starting to sound like I had a chance of winning something for a moment there :wink:

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Maybe you still can, once you’ve addressed your w/kg :wink:

You can still ‘win’, you just won’t get a prize.

(I’m sure the facebook post and tweet of the results is enough of a reward these days)

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Yep, just think of all the ‘influencer’ deals you can strike, for some ‘free gels’ :rofl:

yes, any analysis of the previous yrs results tells you that it is too sw1m heavy. the only person for whom this is not sw1m heavy is Gary himself :laughing: when he did it solo as a test event. and even then he relatively faded on the run. but still, its Gary’s baby and it is what it is, buts its summat different, and a great event nonetheless. The O3 distance is probably better, but then it doesn’t have that ‘magic’ of the run being marathon distance. Personally I would shorten the sw1m a bit and increase the bike a bit. Exactly how much is a ‘bit’ is wide open to debate!

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Maybe a new calculation to add to the tritalk leaderboard!

For me 90min each leg would be approx. 5k, 55k and 20k.

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I think of it as sandbagging. Beneath these layers of insulation and haze of alcohol is a finely honed weapon of a man. I’d probably be accused of doping if he ever came out!

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Is this the real you…

The original Sexual Tyrannosaurus Rex? Yes.

Obviously cancelled for this year. Anyone associated with them and know if any plans to try run it in 2021?
The way events have been bit sporadic last few years makes me have a small fear this might end it.

I’ll probably see Gary tomorrow so I’ll ask him.

I had entered this. Gary cancelled it back in early April so that he could give us a full refund, although I expect it left him out of pocket.

He did say he hoped it would be back next year, but obviously didn’t want to commit to a deferral.