Joe Skipper National 12h TT

523.55km in 12 hours!

Strava link


Is that the British record, must be close

Bit more to it…

He took a wrong turn and got to the A11 earlier than the rest of us. Potential DQ but eventually they docked him 1 lap, official distance adjusted to just under 309.

That was still enough for the win, incredibly, with next best ride 303. This was the national champs, and he (unofficially) stuck 20 odd miles on the field and broke the comp record.

Oh and it was a brutal day out there. Loads of DNF, 3 riders crashed - no cars involved just lost control in the wind. One was especially nasty I hear. Heard a TT on the A3 was cancelled so it was borderline out there across the board.

Given all that, a truly remarkable ride by Skipper.

I did 262.219, and fighting that headwind coming back for nigh on on 10 hours was soul eating and a real test of bike handling. First hour was sheltered, last hour it finally backed off a bit. Broke my club’s record, and ended 3rd Cat C. My toughest ever day on the bike, no question.


Yup, smashed it

Old record was 517.2km

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I’d heard something like that, but looking on Strava Flybys I can’t see any difference between Skipper’s route and anyone elses? :thinking:

On both circuit A and Circuit B there’s a roundabout a couple of miles before the turn which you go straight over. These are not marshalled, apparently Skipper turned at one of these making one of his laps 16 rather than 20 miles. He thus missed the lap counters at the real turn, and thus ‘lost’ the 16 mile lap from his Strava ride in the official result.

Oh yeah I can see it now, he turned too early on the first time down to the Southern turn on the A1. Typical Skipper!

It all just sounds horrible! Truly horrible.

But well done TRO, epic stuff dude. And massive kudos to Skipper. He did look like a zombie in the video after he had climbed off the bike!!


Well done TRO, superb performance that, and Skipper.

I hope no one appeals and gets him DQ’d which wouldn’t be unheard of after the BBAR issue a few years ago.

Hopefully common sense will be applied, he got docked the miles and came back on the course, it’s always an issue when the course changes mid-race.

Something similar happened at the 100 a few weeks ago when someone just in front of me missed a roundabout, he did 100 miles but I think might have missed a checkpoint.


Man, they’re a touchy bunch over on the Time Trial forums aren’t they?! Not quite SlowTwitch, mind you.

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I think they’re still reeling from triathletes taking the honours at the Team Swift 50/100/12hr back in July :rofl:

I put something to that effect in my reply, but deleted it (as it sounded a bit off!)

The power thing is interesting - barely changed throughout and produced an opening 100 of 3-47 and the middle 100 of 3-31 :scream:
That’s the wind then???

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You have a fairly long slug of single carriageway backroads to get to the A11, so first 100 is slower because of that.

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Looking at the strava link, how does the course for this actually work? How do you know when to switch to the different sections / loops of the course? Is it time of day based? Distance based? etc?

Basically time of day otherwise they would have to cover both loops with marshalls for a long time. So in effect there is a cut off after which all riders are switched to the next circuit regardless of number of times you’ve done the circuit.

You ride circuit 1 until someone tells you ‘straight ahead’ when you normally turn, then you ride circuit 2 until similar pointing you to finish circuit. There are lap counters at the far points of each circuit and they add up the number of completed circuits for each rider to get overall distance.

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Some realy impressive riding there from everyone. I bet a ride like that gives Joe a lot of confidence.

I suspect Joe is going to get DQ’d for this, there’s a post from CTT that results won’t be finalised for a few weeks due to matters arising since the completion of the event.

Sounds like someone has either appealed or complained. And a recent DQ for Marcin in a 100 despite winning and doing an extra 11K sets a bit of a precedent.

Possibly a case of being found guilty by strava or his live tracking.

If it hadn’t been the National and champ record I suspect he’d have got away with it ( pesky kids).

I’d like to see him keep it but bending the rules sets a dangerous precedent.



Still a shame, as i doubt his schedule will come together like that again. The main reason he did this one was because he hasn’t been able to run for a while, so wanted a big blowout.

The mind boggles really. Joe and Marcin are top level pro athletes; each puts in hundreds of hours of brutal hard work and no doubt life sacrifices to maximise their talent and be capable of breaking a comp record and winning a big ticket event.

Yet both have blown it, despite laying down the required ride on the day, because they hadn’t done research/course recce etc on the course properly, winged it on the day and didn’t see turn arrows that were there.



Over the decades I’ve seen many pro sportsmen admit little to no knowledge of the rules of the games they play, In sorry to say I’m not surprised at all.

Plus I often feck up TT courses. :rofl:

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