Keir Starmer

just another champagne socialist or someone to reunite the country?

Thereā€™s unlikely to be (another) election for nearly 5 years so heā€™s got a bit of time to turn them round.

We do need a strong opposition (whoever is in government) but heā€™ll have his work cut out chasing such a big majority until then.

If he can bring a bit of harmony to them it will help, and with Brexit probably done by then, the northern heartlands will probably edge back towards them.

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A ā€œchampagne socialistā€ who was the son (one of five) of a nurse and a toolmaker?

itā€™s a reference to where he is now, not where he came fromā€¦

The guy comes from working class background, does well and that is then used against him?

nopeā€¦but if you are prepared to give it some thought, you may learn somethingā€¦

7 posts in and already it has become personal. Politics, eh, donā€™t you love it!

Only because the post above doesnā€™t represent the facts as presentedā€¦

You seemed to use it against him Jon, or were you not using ā€˜champagne socialistā€™ as a pejorative? But as always I am happy to learn.

Indeed it it is a pejorative statement, but i am not using it because he came from a working class background and did wellā€¦

Why do you think heā€™s a champagne socialist then?

i donā€™t yet, hence providing an either/or aboveā€¦

But if he is a socialist I would be very interested in why he values some industries above othersā€¦

So a champagne socialist and an ale drinking capitalist!

I think he will be good. Sincerely hoping after this Is all over politics In general improves. They must know that the booing and acting the cock is not what public want in PMQ

I am moderately optimisticā€¦

A champagne socialist is far more likely to get elected than another whatever the hell the old guy was.


thatā€™s trueā€¦

Was he selected by the membership then?

Yes, nearly 500k/780k eligible to vote took part and he got more than 50% on the first ballot.

Fair play, Iā€™m not a member but I didnā€™t know the guy before the selection started and I thought there were a few known and electable women they could have gone for,

Anyhoo, I hope they form a credible opposition with a centrist manifesto.:+1: