Keller Sports bankrupt

“ Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

first of all, I would like to inform you that by order of the Munich Local Court - Insolvency Court - insolvency proceedings were opened against the assets of KELLER Group GmbH on 01.03.2023 and that I have been appointed as insolvency administrator. The court order has been published and can be viewed at



I had procured the Trail 4 and Wildhorse to compare and return the pair I didn’t want:

“Existing claims from returns can no longer be paid out. “

Fudge cakes.


Well fuck. Thats seemingly come out of nowhere. Did you have a pending order? :neutral_face:

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Well, a return as above and I’d signed up for annual membership only two weeks ago. It’s not the end of the world but still.

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RIP Keller Sportz

U is in heven now with the Angles XX


Never heard of them, were they cheap?

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Yes, on par with Sportsshoes with the England Athletics discount, so not obscenely cheap. I got several bargains from them over the last two years.

I was just about to buy more for the Mrs when I noticed the prices weren’t quite as rosy as they had been two weeks ago, then got bad server error report from cloudflare, then got this email I’m quoting above.

I suppose in another light I’m quite lucky to have got the bargain Pegasus Trail 4s before they died. The Wildhorse are no hardship to own, I just could’ve done with the squids back. And if I’d ordered my wife’s shoes at the weekend probably would’ve lost the money altogether.


Looked at their corporate site earlier and it’s all startup nonsense,but this bit stood out. Particularly for a German company…


Sovereignty, intention and efficiency determine our structure”

Could be the translation…

Not a great deal of diversity in their images….

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Tbh, I don’t really buy anything online from the EU now, as a result of Brexit.

I have visions of delays and VAT/import charges. Although what’s the threshold for charges?

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£39 for VAT, £135 for duty.

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Yeah, so not bovvered about EU now, which is a shame; but serves a purpose for UK businesses I guess i.e. more custom.

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It’s the “google translate” translation. “Souveränität” in German means more confident, independent. They’re trying to say they’re an efficient independent thinking company, rather than politically supreme. They also mention above that they have 9 different nationalities working for them.


I’ve been buying stuff from r2-bike and bikeinn up to £100 with no issues. I’ve been rebuilding a bike. For components, disks, pads etc they’ve been considerably cheaper than UK retailers, including Merlin, even with shipping. The only drawback is the 7 day wait.

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I’ve not had any issues with running stuff bought from o/s either and a return was not a problem but I’m not a prolific o/s orderer like I once was, mainly because I ride a lot less these days.

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Yeah, returns is something else that puts me off. I bought some Crocs for my Son on Amazon last year, and they ended-up coming from DE and returns were almost as much as I paid for them!


They’re just a faff as well, with all the forms and stuff that you have to complete.

of course they were :wink:


Hey, we’re a crocs family; well the kids & me.

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strikes @Jorgan off the Xmas card list……:roll_eyes:


Thought so. Typical startups. Why pay translators when google can do it for free…? :sweat_smile:


Crocs are the height of fashion :exploding_head:
As seen on all Love Islanders.

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