Ketone Ester, any one tried some yet?

Not much use to me at the moment as i’m injured but i’m really curious about it. From my marathoning experience the sugars seem run out at 19 miles and I would think this would be a big help, possibly more than the 4% boost. I’m surprised there is not much fuss about it from the marathon/Ironman crowd, it’s expensive but not 4% expensive.

Its clearly widely been used in Tour, anyone actually tried some?

I thought about it as part of my “leave no stones unturned” policy for Malaga. But with all the supplements I was already trying, plus switching to Maurten, I decided against adding something else unknown to the mix.

It’s a consideration for IM this year however, especially after the sickly feeling the Maurten caused after a couple of hours

I think a marathon would be a better test as there are less variables if it goes well or er bad to know how it went. I’d want to try it in training a few times for the IM in case of any gut issues, that’s a big day to screw up, but a mara, not so much.

Maybe. Although I’d argue I’d expect my gut to be more compliant during an IM than a marathon as there’s less intensity.

Agreed on the testing beforehand however. Which is another reason why I decided against it. It’s an expensive training session where you’re popping some £30 a time shots

Way too expensive to give it a try TBH.

I’ll stick with HGH and EPO foreign training camp protocol for now. :wink:

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The science is pretty unclear and I suspect that it is fad that will pass. To a non expert, it makes sense, however, I’ve seen some expert opinions that ketone supplements simply do not work in the way that’s described

However, one thing that Ketones potentially do is to mask other PEDs. The cynic in me could come to the conclusion that this is the main reason why some people are taking ketones


Have you got a link I could have a look at?

“(, a ketone researcher with a Ph.D. in Metabolic Physiology from the University of Oxford who is now Research Lead at HVMN, specializing in developing ketone esters. She told me that in terms of science on the ketone salts and their effect on physical performance, one of the most-cited benefits of ketone salts, the scientific studies that have been done show at best no effect on physical performance and that, currently, there is no peer-reviewed scientific research on the ketone salt products on the market”.

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I am not quite sure what to think on these sort of subjects. On one hand, I am like Stenard and want to leave no stone unturned, however, I am 100% against PED’s. Is it OK to take a supplement that increases performance because it is legal because it is new and untested?

One of my reasons for being against PEDs is because they may well impact my health in future years. In the case of Ketones, who actually knows what is in there and what the consequences would be of taking them.

I will avoid products like Ketones, CBD oil etc. I do lake L-Carnatine, but even this I am worried about (could have long term issues with hardening of arteries).

I am not against anyone else using legal supplements, it is a personal choice

My gut feeling is that it’s not a good thing & it would be better if they were not around but probably would be impossible to test for given it’s basically a natural product & wears off in a few hours.

I am just surprised that is all that if it does what it is supposed to (& I take your point that it doesn’t) then I would expect a massive improvement in marathon times and folk raving about it. When you think of the cost of the 4% trainers, what time improvement would be needed to justify the 30 quid? Not very much I would have thought.

This is a bit odd though, to paraphrase a lot “The best study’s come from ketone esters, ketone salts are not as good & we are only going to test ketone salts, the results are not very impressive”

I noticed that too, there is a degree of bias in the article. I think one reason is that there are more ketone salts on the market rather than ketone esters.

I had heard some potential side affects. I’ve stopped taking it since Malaga (along with the beta alanine, omega 3, etc). Not much point when I’ve not been training, but also gives a period of down time for the body if there are any adverse affects. Now I’m back in steady training, I’m planning on getting back on the omega 3 and beta alanine, the latter especially as recent bike sessions have focused on some sprint work to grow the top end.

Undecided on the L-carnitine. It was around the time I started taking that when I felt I really began to make leaps forwards in my running after Nice, but then I know that almost certainly is unrelated, as it takes 6 months to have any effect when taken orally. Plus, I’m not doing the high carb drink mix alongside it (I just took alongside slow release carb porridge for breakfast), so I was largely just passing it through the system anyway. I did feel I got leaner though, and that’s originally where it came into fashion, as a fat loss enabler.‘uncomfortable’_with_Jumbo-Visma’s_use_P7137535/
No personal interest but just came across this on ST.

Not a dig, but this seems a recurring theme; is this not the single biggest thing you need to address?

I’ve actually done pretty well with injury’s up until last year when I had the meniscus tear on the right knee which took a took a long time to get the operation sorted. I’m just getting on top of the recovery from that and I have now what looks like a meniscus tear in my left knee. This has come from very little running (like a handful of 5 k treadmill runs since May last year) and seems incredibly unlucky on the face of it but this meniscus thing is an age degenerative issue and its apparently quite common for both knees to have the same problem in short order.
I originally thought I had some bio mechanical issues going on that explained the right knee but it now seems more likely that it is just age related.
On the plus side the MRI scans shows my knee is is quite good nik otherwise and I don’t feel like I could have changed this outcome by altering my training other than just sitting on the couch instead.
I am probably not going to be doing any triathlons this year though :frowning:

At the risk of going O/T, what’s aggravating the knees, running or all 3?

Running is for sure the worst. Swimming i’m not sure about, I do a 2 beat kick & my swim coach has tried to get me to adopt a 6 beat flutter kick and this has also coincided with left knee issue, probably a coincidence but it is so. Biking didn’t effect my right knee at all but the swelling on my left knee was quite a bit worse after a turbo session. I’ve rested it fully for a 10 days and the swelling has gone so i’m going to bike tomorrow and see how it responds.