Kittel Quits

Not a massive surprise given the lack of results and recent criticism of his fitness and work ethic

Kittel Quits

Shame - remember when he was making everyone look silly in the Giro when it started in Ireland, he seemed absolutely unbeatable. Still has a great palmares but maybe not quite what was anticipated a few years ago.

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His statement is really sad to read.
Poor bloke :frowning:

I think that my post comes accross as being rather cold. I am actually really sad for Marcel Kittel, any person deserves support when things are not going well, however in the world of elite sports there doesn’t always appear to be a duty of care towards those who need it. I hope that he is able to return to the sport in some way in the future

Just goes to show what a high pressure environment the sprinters are in.

Heroes to zeroes, quite sad really.

I saw an interesting comment, possibly on GCN comments, that sprinters of the past would normally retire around the age of MK is now, it is with the advent of performance enhancing drugs that Sprinters have been able to extend their careers. Is it possible that MK is struggling because he is too clean?

Maybe he just needs time to renew his mojo, and maybe reinvent himself as a rider; he’s still relatively young (30). Maybe become more of a ‘puncheur’ and classic rider?

Alpecin are going to have to re-shoot their ads now :wink:

You’ve got to wonder how much longer Cav can carry on. He’s obviously had some major health issues in recent years and everyone had written him off before the 2016 Tour, when he won multiple stages, but he needs to get some decent results soon to justify his place in the peloton. Maybe he’s just aiming to keep things going with the aim to retiring after racing on the track for one last time at the 2020 Olympics?