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Don’t forget the 2013 ones as well on the same site. They were when I was a complete first timer to the island.

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I think most people know my views, I have been pretty vocal on social media for the past 3 years. Now that I am going to Kona, I realise that I am being hypocritical, and should probably resign.

For me Kona should be the WC once every 4 or 6 years (not 5 because AG changes every 5 years). In the intermediate years, it should be rotated from continent to continent. There are several reasons. Firstly, 99% of people can never qualify for Kona and will never have the chance to race there, if there was an IM there every year, anyone who wants to and is rich enough to race at Kona can go. Secondly, Kona is unbelievably expensive and is only available to a small number of well off triathletes, you are not going to get any change out of £6000 to do Kona, bring the family and it is £15,000. Thirdly, Kona is in October, teachers, for example, will never be able to race there. Fourthly, Kona suits a very particular triathlete, by racing in different locations, different pro’s will get a chance to win.

I would love to race the IM world championship in Wales, Lanza, Nice, South Africa. I could be tempted to go to New Zealand, or Malaysia, or maybe Arizona.

I don’t think that it will devalue the WC, it would certainly give IM the opportunity to raise more money, Nice for example could host a lot more atheletes.

It is interesting, that when I started to express my views, the comments were overwhelmingly negative, I even experienced some trolling. However, now, on ST for example, I think that a significant proportion of people are in favour. My guess is that Andrew Messik is following, and potentially shaping the debate. From Ironman’s perspective, a rotating WC would be much more attractive


Life would be a lot easier in many ways if I move back to UK for good next June, rather than waiting til autumn/winter. In which case Finland would probably be on instead of Hawaii, but as I’ve said next year is only real opportunity from work/pre-kids perspective if I’m ever to do IMWC.

In what context? I previously raced with Ian Murphy Tri Club while I was in Lancashire if related to me.

He’s hanging on your every word :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was on your Strava this morning? IMTC build?

He’s on speed dial… we discuss ways to wind up the people on IMJ

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Can see how that would be very misleading!

Not building for a race in Taoyuan City - Just a session from when I was with IMTC club and we did some indoor zoom sessions during lockdown. I put it as a planned session for today so that I had the targets and intervals on my garmin without needing to press buttons, didn’t realise strava would copy the title and description across.


Sports need a history, keep it. Whether I ever go or not.

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You’d be surprised how much this goes on. Probably not IM, but elsewhere all the time.

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100%, it’s the dream


This isn’t a sport’s history though, it’s IM history.

Triathlon doesn’t have a WC venue, in fact I’m struggling to think of many that do have their WC in the same place.


IM is like the R&A, Kona is like St Andrew’s Ild Course. The Lawn Tennis Association and Wimbledon.

Now the PTO may usurp that, but it hasn’t yet.


They are all sports though in their own right (and still have no WC). IM is a version of a sport that has no WC.

Tennis is tennis, whether it’s the Aussie Open or Wimbledon or wherever, same with golf.

There were competing versions in the early days, just like now which is why I draw the comparison. Competing rules too, the sports were not the same everywhere.

Absolutely not :raised_hand:t5::stop_sign:
The play on hard, clay and grass is entirely different.
The different surfaces reward different characteristics in a player.

It’s the same with golf.
Augusta is nothing like Sawgrass which is nothing like Birkdale.
The ground type is different. The playing style is different.

It’s like saying “cycling is cycling”
Yes, insofar that you’re turning the pedals.
MTB ≠ CX ≠ Road ≠ Track
And within them, you have finer levels where a road rider can climb, but cannot TT, etc.

Kona is definitely “that magical place” which defines the WC for long distance triathlon, however, as said above by many, a lot of the new athletes coming through don’t know about the history and just want to race in the WC.
Plus, it does reward the same type of athlete year in, year out.

But, I do think that the IM WC has to move :+1:t3:


No, because the tennis that is played at Roland Garros is under the same rules that are played at Rod Laver. What you’re describing is course differences and that applies to ITU as well. Courses are different, there is no WC for ‘hard courses’. (there is no WC at all).

It’s nothing like saying ‘cycling is cycling’ as there are distinct WC for each of those disciplines under a (ahem) unified federation. Tack has its own WC. (and confusingly a World Cup!) as does CX and MTB.

Kona is magical but IM is not a sport, that’s what I’m saying. You and I did not do a different sport at Outlaw in 2010 than anyone else did at Kona. Same distance, different course.

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Not totally true. Grand slams are best of 5 sets others are 3. Some have introduced a different amount of tie break points

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Right, that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

ITU have a WC “Series” which rewards the most consistent and well rounded athlete over that season. So, like you say, it takes course bias into account :+1:t3:

Can’t do that for IM, though :exploding_head:
It’s far too demanding.

No, I’m not but let’s leave it there.

The sport needs the history of Kona. You disagree. End.

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