Kona 24

12 weeks to go…thought I’d start a thread for this years race.
Who else is in? I know @Matthew_Spooner will be on the start line…
I’ve just entered the Ho’ala swim the Sunday before too


I am currently taking a break, eating mountains of chocolate, drinking far too much. First week in August I have a business trip to Canada… then 6 weeks serious training before Kona


Where did you both KQ? I cannae remember.

Hotter than Honoloulou in the UK right now :joy:
Bit of rain tomorrow, then it’ll be like the Energy Lab the Uk over :+1:t3:



I shall hang about here for Kona 23 learnings (although it may be St George 23/Bolton 23 etc if Messick takes it on the road…….:roll_eyes:) if that’s ok.


Can you imagine if it was Bolton :astonished: :rofl:


At least you can recce St George in October!

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What’s your thoughts guys, is Kona still number 1 for the World Chamionships, the ultimate? Or would you prefer to see it moved around?

I’ll never go to Kona, nor Hawaii even for visit, but i really think Kona is the place, the spiritual home.


My only hope is legacy but it’s always going to be Kona for me

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I guess the location could easily have also been San Diego, Norfolk Virginia, Florida, the Philippines, Japan… or anywhere else John Collins may have been stationed at the time!


It has to be Kona, there is so much history that you need to experience.

But working on the logistics/costs……it’s brutal. It was bad even doing it for the 1 day event (that got cancelled) , the 2 day I’m told is even more horrific.

I have my accommodation and car booked for 23, but so many stories of accommodation getting cancelled then re-appearing on listings at twice the cost.

I can’t see a 2 day annual event being sustainable in Kona. I think Messick wants and needs a 2 day 140.6 for ££££, so it’ll go on the road. I expect 2023 to be in Kona though, they already have a few hundred on the start line expecting it to be Kona.


You think they will just go to a standard qualifier Ironman in Hawaii? I can imagine the entries for that would soon tail off, as it’s a bit of a schlep, and the history will get watered down inside a decade probably.


This really, doesn’t need to be the world champs for me so if they took that on the road but kept an IM Kona I’ll be happy to take that option


See above. I think the ‘IMJers’ of the world won’t really care about Hawaii and it’s history in the long run.


Bolton in 21 where they had 100 slots as there were limited races in 21 and they were trying to fill Kona 21 at the time.
6th in AG, so I may have just squeezed in with the normal 45.
I’ll be a one and done(he says now). Getting a family of 5 there isn’t cheap, but it’s their reward too for putting up with me and my addiction
I’m all for the history, legacy etc etc


For me it has to be Kona for the experience and the legacy of this mystic place the other side of the world. I went in 2013 and it was a once in a lifetime holiday/race/experience* and I loved it.

*and then I qualified again at Wales ‘14 and went back the following year! Now I’m broke.


I really enjoyed reading your blog about the whole experience. It was very informative and I looked forward to your daily posts.


Yep I remember the Funkin’ blog. Superb. Will revisit it for things to do etc when my trip gets nearer.


I’d be keen to read that @funkin if it resurfaces.

But for me, controversially I’d rather avoid the ‘schlep’ (thanks Jorgan, stealing that) of Kona . I’ve turned down two slots because it’s not important enough to spend half a house deposit on, and the PITA is a turn off.

As a race without the history (that I don’t know) it doesn’t seem inspiring.

South Africa, Nice, Taupo (the recent planned 70.3 destinations) would all be more appealing.

ETA: And from the pro race perspective, I’d also prefer it to move yearly rather than reward a certain style of athlete every time.


What’s IMTC?

Finland 70.3 next year looks good as well, probably a chew for you to get to though!