Kristian Blummenfelt New IM WR 7h21 at Cozumel

Roth is probably a good bellwether for world best time progression; it’s a course that has changed little in the last 30 years. So…off the top of my head:

1996 first sub 8
1997 7:51 (4 went sub 8)
2011 7:41
2016 7:35

I have the feeling I’ll never get chance but I’d prefer a world championship to a world record on a fast course

Pretty sure these guys are going for both

This doesn’t have to be a binary topic!

Indeed, but it’s still my preference were it a possibility


Maybe there needs to be categorisation of what constitutes a world record course as there is in the marathon? Also, it’s a brand of race, for me the world record has to include any race brand over that distance. It might persuade them to have courses of accurate distances where possible, knowing that if you go quick enough it would be a world record.

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And the women’s Ironman (not Roth) record was set too, by someone I’d never heard of. Sadly you see a sub 40 minute swim and immediately put an asterix against the time in your head

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The traditional order of things was basically: WR go to Roth; WC go to Kona. They were the 2 focuses.

I managed a bit of a scoop and got Kristian on the podcast this week - you can listen to it here:

It’s funny when someone you interviewed as an ‘up and coming young gun’ a few years back is now WC, Olympic champ, and multiple WR holder ! Still the same very down to earth, driven and competitive lad he’s always been, more so, if anything. He’s really excited to aim for Sub7 this summer.
Personally I can’t wait to see it, I think it’l be epic, but I’m sure there will be some om here don’t think anything of it


Great podcast, thoroughly enjoyed @Rooster.

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Thanks Adam, appreciate the kind words, and glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

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Nice scoop! Listened to it last week - he’s an interesting guy.

Seemed quite telling that he didn’t think Jan had a 2:35 in him. Probably not many thought Jan had a 66 HM in him too, just goes to show what happens when you get 3 top guys racing when it’s all on the line. Fingers crossed for something similar in St George!


Cheers, Rob :clap:t3: :champagne:
I enjoyed that.

Just on the turbo watching LIONel implode after those Norwegian performances :boom::volcano:

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@Poet You mean LIONel’s ‘New Era’ video? Enjoyed that one.

Have you got a video of you on the turbo watching Lionel on the turbo watching Blummenfelt break the WR? Can you post it to YouTube pls, I’d like to watch it on the turbo.


That’s metaAF :exploding_head:

I could upload one, yeah, but only if you do the same for someone else to watch and record.

“Here’s me on the turbo, watching X on the turbo, watching X on the turbo, watching…” :black_small_square:🪞


It could go full circle if eventually someone filmed Blu on the turbo watching someone watching someone watching someone…


This now needs to happen


Get it done lads! :sweat_smile:


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I just watched on YouTube, he always looks like such a big unit when compared to the other top IM guys Frodo/ Lange etc. Super-impressive, reminds me a bit of Spencer Smith back in the day all buffed up and powering his way to the win. Pure class, olympic gold and IM WR.


Unless I’m mistaken he goes in Daytona this weekend.

Field not super stacked, but certainly decent.