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Anyone watching this?

Yeah, watched part 1 last night. Didn’t realise it was 2hrs!!

I thought it was good, but no doubt part 2 will be the more interesting stuff. They’ve certainly got all the key players involved. I found it interesting to hear him, and others, say how anti-doping (or at least anti-EPO) he was for that one season before finally succumbing and then going all in with Ferrari.

I’m guessing swimrun is not WADA affiliated? Is that how he was training for one of those?

Still seems unfair to me, regardless of how much of a dick he was, that he’s got a lifetime ban and was never offered a deal, when everyone else got offered deals to shop him.


I’d like to watch it. Hopefully it gets to Netflix or similar eventually.

I always find david Walsh’s view on these things intriguing. This Sunday his thoughts were that lance has given himself a role to hang himself.

I find the world of corporate/sporting psychopaths morbidly fascinating - lance definitely fits into this category.

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mainly because of the number of people he threw under a bus along the way and the contempt he had for the system, i guess


How did you watch it?

He said he was doing cortisone in ‘93, for his rainbow jersey win (guessing they’ll now take that?) but not EPO.
So guessing he stuck with cortisone in ‘94 and ‘95?

I’ve not seen it yet, but am proper looking forwards to it.

BT Sport

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Just put it on now, will report back in 96mins, cheers😁

Please do - Im wondering a few things; Why do this? And, why now?

Once a (unt always a …

You know the rest …

Horrible egotistical bully.

Probably a good watch though.

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Given how rife doping was in the 1990s it would seem a bit churlish to take his World title too; I’m no fanboi, but given Ulrich & Riis have owned-up, Pantani was an addict, that really only leaves a couple of Tour winners who (on paper) were clean, and my instinct is that only Lemond probably was.

Obviously they were all nice guys compared to Lance though, hence not being thrown under the bus.


This is mainly my point. Yes he was a dick, but sue him for defamation, or whatever, for those crimes. To attribute sporting excessive sanctions on him over and above every other equivalent party, in my mind, undermines the objectivity of WADA/USADA


Why do this?
He’s a psycho (appears to get it from his mother who makes the Stepford Wives look like the local knitting circle). I’m convinced he still doesn’t think he did anything wrong, either doping or the way he treated people (and any contrition he’s shown is on advice). Doping because everyone was doing it and behaviour because it’s all about him and anyone who crossed him was disloyal and the enemy. There’s an interesting bit at the start where interviewees say they’re sure he thinks he can control the narrative to make it sympathetic to him and I think that’s right.
Why now?
That’s trickier, I can only think he believes enough time has passed for the initial anger to die down and he’ll get a more sympathetic hearing, see above.
Looking forward to the next part now. The Program was a drama for those who had heard of Lance but didn’t really know the story already. This is genuinely interesting and, whatever you think of him, hearing what he’s got to say is quite gripping.
Ps. Nice to see some footage of my Blade stickered up as a Trek in the time trials :sunglasses:


“He’s a psycho”


Dont hold back, let us know what you really think!

But cheers :+1: Ill wait for it to aplear on NetFlix like the chicago bulls 30/30

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I don’t disagree. But then he’s not the only one effectively holding those views in the documentary. They seem to accept it wasn’t ideal, but they’re all just in the mindset of “there was no other choice” if you wanted to compete. The fact he even took a stance on EPO for a season, and flunked because of it, almost buys him some respect in my mind, as perverted as that sounds. At least at that time, even if he was taking cortisone, he thought there was a line. It just seems once he crossed it, he lost all sense of grounding whatsoever, and then it became an arms race

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ESPN Player - Free 7 day trial.
VPN - sorts out the geo issues.

Start the free trial tomorrow to make sure you see part 2.

BT Sport is £25pcm :scream::scream::scream:

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There was no choice in the 90s and much of the 00s; to compete at GC of the grand tours… you had to dope. I don’t know what it was like for 1 day races 🤷

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I agree but you’ve singled out the doping side to the exclusion of his behaviour towards those he sought to destroy. Rightly or wrongly, I think most are in agreement that was the reason for the majority of his punishment and I still don’t think he has any remorse for what he did to people’s lives.
If he had thrown Floyd Landis a bone, even some menial job, he probably wouldn’t be in the position he is now but loyality only appears to work in his favour and Landis was toxic to him.
I’d put an asterisk next to his wins, same as every other doper, maybe a different punishment for his other “crimes”. To all intents and purposes he was running some kind of mafia style protection racket in cycling through fear and intimidation.

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What VPN do you use?
I also got another programme that I want to see that needs me to be abroad.

I get it with box nation and a few other channels

Expensive but lots on it…