LCW Yorkshire

Another LCW event added to the calendar for next year from Friday, September 6, to Sunday, September 8, centred on Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale
Announcing LCW Yorkshire (


Mentioned it elsewhere, probably need a gravel bike or tyres with all the shitty surface dressing North Yorks council use :rage:


unfortunately Can not see this this being a huge hit (just a hunch)


Me neither.
Arse end of Yorkshire in September?

Erm … I’m out :x:


You’ve changed


As Jeff said, I imagine the water will be cold unless there’s a few weeks of real warm weather in the preceding weeks. But the potential routes for cycling are great. Running could be along the river from Pateley Bridge?

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I’m a little surprised by some of the negativism posted here. Ok the A59 is an absolute piece of sh… with respect to surface and other road traffic which is why I never use it. But the other roads around the area are no better or worse than most other areas. And of course these roads have been used for Tour de France and the World Championships in the last few years so they do have some history as well as merit. As for the area around Pateley Bridge being described as the ‘Arse end of Yorkshire’; well, either Poet has never been to the area or he thinks he has a very beautiful arse! Pateley Bridge does sit at the heart of Nidderdale ANOB so I don’t think I’m being unduly biased in my liking of the place.
So lets just cut to the chase here, this bike ride is going to be tough and if you don’t think you’re up to it just say so and stop making silly excuses. I aim to be on the start line and I aim to have a day to remember.


Will it be closed roads?


Sorry, I’m being facetious, hailing from sunny Whitby gives me superiority over the rest of Yorkshire :joy::joy::joy:

Storiths is about as far north of the A59 I’ve ventured. And that was just a lay-by for free Bolton Abbey parking.


I’m looking forward to seeing the routes, it would be great if they go to Tan Hill.

Not sure roads will be closed, there’s a lot of tourism and agriculture without many alternative routes.

I’m not sure what those roads are like with surface dressing though?

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Long Course Wales is closed roads, so there is precedent.

Although I believe Long Course Mallorca doesn’t have a bike at all because they couldn’t get a license for it.

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No negativity on my part, think it’s great that LCW is expanding, especially in the UK.

As the others have said, be interesting to see the route, and how it sits with a September date.

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Hi Poet, I know that lay-by, and if you think that all roads around Pateley are like the A59 you’re so wrong! I strongly suggest you spend some time on the B roads north of the A59, any of them, you will have a great time. I agree that Whitby is special but at least in Pateley you can eat fish and chips without being molested by flying rats.



I’ve nowt against the place, honestly!
But I don’t really travel to ride my bike.
Front door, go.

It’s more the September date.
UK weather is unpredictable at best.

Anyways, I hope it succeeds

enjoy ralphH ,