(least) favourite turbo interval

One interval to rule them all…
A quick google search caused me to lose the will to live real quickly.
The consensus for power seems to be between 30s and 2 minutes maximum sustainable power is your best bang for buck. With a few variations like pyramids / ladders and so on.

What’s your go to interval for power? Whether that’s science based or just what you feel works for you.

90 to 150 minutes at 3W/kg

A34 Alderley Edge bypass
A537 to Knutsford
A50 to M6 junction
A50 back to Knutsford
A50 to Holmes Chapel
Left down Twemlow Lane
Join A535 to Chelford
Left at Chelford Rab back on the A537 to Knutsford
Left at Knutsford RAB onto Goughs lane
Left back onto A50 to Holmes Chapel

Repeat until bored

Then straight over at Chelford RAB to Alderley Edge and home


I can offer a least favourite from pre zwift

Never finished that b@stard. 64 sprints, and each set the recoveries just got shorter.
Set 1 would be ok, but set 2 - I could die almost instantly.

Think 1 min on/off was always a good one.


I can only get myself to do intervals on the turbo

3 sessions I’ve been enjoying recently are

  • over/unders 45 seconds at 110% then 1 minute at 90% - 3 reps and 5 blocks with 2:30 rest in-between blocks

  • vo2 - I’ve toyed with a few of these but the one I’m going to go back to is 3 minutes at 115% then 4 minutes at 65% - 7 reps of that. 3 minutes feels manageable but you still get a decent workout with 7 pops at it

  • and for when I can’t be bothered to engage my brain a standard 2x20 sst at around 90%


This madness, is it even possible?

Jesus. For me that would be 316 - 354 - 394 :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

I’m sure the first set would blow my little socks off

I tried it once and got through to the third set when I failed. Counted that as a pretty decent try. Back then my FTP was around to 250W, so the 125% was I think 305W which stung

If you can do that I think it’s time to reevaluate your FTP.

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One I used to do before zwift etc was a pyramid starting at 200W, increase by 10W every minute. Hit a peak which for me was often around 300W and then decrease by 10W all the way back to 200W.

The fun part was deciding where to call the peak - call it too late and you die on the way down.

I know it’s not strictly intervals. but still a nice snappy 20 minute-ish work out

Anything that doesn’t involve racing on Zwift.


The interval between getting on the turbo and getting off it again? :wink:


This… just done.

4 mins tt position sprint tri pace
1 min sit up hold same effort.

X 12.

Nearly sick, hopefully will be next time.


Violator was the toughest ever Sufferfest turbo session - I completed it once and was a jibbering wreck and vowed never to do the fucker again.


yep, I did it once, and couldn’t stand up for a good few minutes afterwards as my legs were jelly… evil thing! :joy:

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6x5mins at 110%. I do the first one and half way through that first interval I’m thinking there’s no way I can do 5 more of these but you keep slogging on trying high cadence, low cadence and anything in between searching for that mythical sweet spot that makes it feel easier, without ever finding it.
I’m on a dumb trainer and rarely hold the power on the last one, when I do it’s probably time to adjust FTP.


Looks similar to what I was going to post as the best/worst I’ve done recently:

18 mins as 2X: 6 @90% 3 @110%
5 min recovery
24 mins as 3X: 5 @90%, 2@115%, 1@125%.
That was tasty!

This week should have been 40 mins over/Unders as 2 min each at 110/90% but I bailed out after 20 minutes, wasn’t my day.


That Triathlon Show had a couple of episodes on this

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Sufferfest were my goto sessions before zwift. Absolute murder most horrid some of those were. Before them I used spinervals. But any sessions can be made vomit inducing power sessions.

I can’t imagine anything being worse than the Dangerfield set :nauseated_face:, look at the power he was putting out in the link at the bottom!

Phase 1

  • 8-10 flat out sprints for 15 sec. At least 3 mins recovery between each.
  • At least 10 mins easy recovery

Phase 2

  • Between 6-10 flat out 1 minute intervals. 5-6 mins of recovery between each.
  • 15 mins easy recovery

Phase 3

  • 3-4 2.5 mile endurance intervals (around 5 mins) at 10 mile TT pace or higher if poss.
  • 15 mins recovery ride home

Additional notes

  • All intervals must be done at highest possible intensity – treat each like a mini time trial
  • All intervals should be done whilst maintaining a high cadence 120rpm for sprints 100 + rpm for longer intervals

Pyramid intervals cycling - (cyclinguphill.com)

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Russian Ladders was a go to track workout, we’d do a pyramid off 1min, so 15s/45s 30/30 45/15 1min / 1min and back down…repeat . All flat out, recoveries were still hard as well as we tried to stay in a group and there was always someone pushing the pace.