LED strip lights

Looking to get a few little LED strip lights to put on the shelves in the bedroom (where the built in wardrobe would be if it had doors! :joy:). Maybe some in other places in the house in the future as well.

Needs to be battery powered. Ideally USB for ease.

Any suggestions? There are scores of them on Amazon. They all look like typical Chinese crap, with bad spelling in the wrote ups and fake pictures where the people are super imposed in front of a wardrobe etc.

Are the cheap crappy ones fine in this context? Or are they going to be weak/just break in like 2 weeks?

Any advice welcomely ignored :wink: :joy:


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The ikea wardrobe ones are pretty decent. Battery operated but also with sensors for when you open and close doors. The batteries lasted a long time too.

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I put some TP-Link ones up recently for my Daughter; but they are mains powered. Quality seems okay. They have an App.