I know it been covered a million times before, who has done it? If so, over how many days?what way? would you do it again? what would you do differently if you have done it? or have you always wanted to do it? I’m planning to do it in 2022.

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Is that running length of GB? Oh … cycling

Haven’t done it. Maybe one day.

Audax UK are organising an event next year.


Not personally, but my Dad did it as a retirement present to himself. He retired quite young, maybe 55. Wasn’t really a big cyclist so it was a surprising thing to do and I guess might have been a learning curve for him.

From memory he did it at a very leisurely pace, over about 3 weeks and planned a route that involved visiting as many friends as possible, so not the shortest. Mum drove support vehicle. Some nights they stayed in B&B or YHAs, some nights with friends and I think may even have had a tent in the car too.

I do remember he fell off his bike in Newquay and hurt his leg, it was almost game over on day 2


It’s on my list but not near the top - will likely be in a few years when I’m at least partially retired and little Cobbie is a teenager and more self sufficient. Also, I’ve done Chester to JOG 10 years ago, that being my first multi-day cycling trip (admittedly, it was by a fairly dull route).

I typically do supported ‘RAID’ type trips so the family are used to me being away for a week but LEJOG is a bit bigger than that. I think the most important thing to do is map out your own requirements. Mine would be something like:

  • Hilly route but must be logical … no GBDuro back and forth silliness!
  • Need to decide self contained or B&B (which influences the hilliness!)
  • c100 miles a day for me
  • Avoid built up areas

If the reports are still available, Daz did a couple c2005/6 (crikey we’re getting old!), one of which went via the Western Isles with ferries, that looked pretty cool. Having done a bit of ferry cycling in Scotland I can recommend it.
You’d have to make some decisions like Wales vs Peaks and Lakes vs North Pennines on a hilly trip. Avoiding Glasgow / Edinburgh would affect route choice too.

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I did in back in 1994 before I was too concerned about the technicalities of such things.

First mistake was choosing a mountain bike, second mistake was keeping knobbly tyres :crazy_face:

We had a support van with our stuff and he went ahead each day to book our digs which worked a treat other one day into Worcester when it was gone 9pm before we managed to find somewhere and one ride into Okehampton where we lost signal and battery power so were looking like roughing it in a hedge (all worked out in the end thanks to random meetings in a pub)

All in all, we did it in 9 days and were very lucky with the weather - we did the JOGLE direction.

Back to the knobblies, as a result of that choice I lost all feelings in my little fingers for three months.

Those were the days! :grin: